LIVE: América vs. Santa Fe Final of the Women’s League; minute by minute – Colombian Soccer – Sports

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Santa Fe vs. America.


Mauricio Moreno. TIME

Santa Fe vs. America.

The match is played at the Pascual Guerrero stadium, in Cali.

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WRITING EL TIEMPOSF June 30, 2023, 08:50 P. M. SE June 30, 2023, 08:50 P. M.

Santa Fe, who won the first leg, 2-0, faces an América team that hopes to turn it around, in the final match for the women’s soccer title in Colombia.

(Also: América vs. Santa Fe, the women’s final, can be seen on a giant screen in Bogotá).

The Valle del Cauca team understands the level of the challenge: they lost fairly in Bogotá 2-0 last Sunday and now they need an epic night to come back and win a new title.

But Santa Fe is a team with a field, with experience to manage a result and is confident that the advantage will be enough.

(In context: The lionesses of Santa Fe roar: they beat America in the first leg of the women’s final).

America vs. Santa Fe LIVE:

After analyzing the VAR, America’s goal was disallowed.

8:46 p .m.

America’s goal, analyzed by VAR

America scored its first goal. The referees analyze the play in the VAR to define whether they endorse it or not. In a confusing play, the scarlets managed to score.

8:44 p. m.

Minute 42: new auction of America

Catalina Usme from América continues to shoot without luck at the Santa Fe goal.

8:42 p. m.

Minute 39: America insists

The players remain on the attack with shots very close to the Santa Fe goal.

8:40 p. m.

Minute 37: 0 – 0

With a temperature of 26 °C, Pascual Guerrero is still waiting for the goals.

8:35 p. m.

Minute 32: Yésica Velásquez made another save

The Santa Fe goalkeeper once again saved her team from a shot by Catalina Usme, from América.

8:31 p. m.

Minute 28: América approached the goal

A shot by Gabriela Rodríguez was stopped by the Santa Fe goalkeeper. América insists on reaching their land.

8:28 p. m.

Minute 25: 0 – 0

The match remains goalless in its first 25 minutes. The global score is 2-0, in favor of Santa Fe.

8:22 p. m.

first yellow card

19th minute: María Camila Reyes from Santa Fe receives a yellow card for delaying a corner charge.

8:18 p. m.

Fans at Pascual Guerrero

Minute 15: this is the atmosphere in the Cali stadium.


Fans of América de Cali.


Juan Rueda. TIME

8:15 p. m.

Karla Viancha leaves the game due to injury

The Santa Fe player persists with the discomfort, so she is off the field and is replaced by Paola García.

8:12 p. m.

Minute 10: game stopped

Due to annoyance, the player Karla Viancha had to be treated and the game was stopped for a few seconds.

8:10 p. m.

America insists on the Santa Fe field

The first minutes have been of constant attack by the América players, trying to reach the rivals’ goal.

8:05 p. m.

Opportunity for America

With a side charge, América was close to the goal. However, the ball went way up.

8:02 p. m.

Roll the ball in the final of the Women’s League

With the premiere of VAR in women’s football and a kick-off by the athlete Karol Bastidas, the match between América de Cali and Santa Fe began.

7:55 p. m.

The protocol acts begin

With thousands of fans at the Pascual Guerrero de Cali, hymns are sung.

The temperature in the city before the game is 27 °C.

7:45 p. m.

Atmosphere in Simón Bolívar Park

The Mayor’s Office of Bogotá arranged giant screens to be able to broadcast the final of the Women’s League live. Some fans have come to support Santa Fe.


Santa Fe fans in the Simón Bolívar park in Bogotá.


Sergio Steel Yacht. TIME

7:20 p. m.

Santa Fe lineup

This is the roster planned by coach Omar Ramírez:

7:10 p. m.

This is the atmosphere in Pascual Guerrero

With a light show, the stadium welcomed the attendees.

7:00 p. m.

Alignment of America de Cali

The women’s team, led by Carlos Hernández, will have the following formation on the pitch:

6:55 p. m.

Santa Fe maintains line-up for the first leg

Coach Omar Ramírez made no adjustments to the line-up with which he beat América 2 goals to 0 in Bogotá. It is expected that in minutes the alignment of the local team will be known.

6:35 p. m.

América de Cali arrives at the stadium

The soccer players who play at home are already at Pascual Guerrero.

6:30 p. m.

There will be VAR in the final

The Dimayor announced that the VAR will be enabled to support the referees. The first leg in Bogotá did not have this system.

6:15 p. m.

Santa Fe heads to the stadium

The players from the Bogotá team are on their way to the Pascual Guerrero stadium, where some 30,000 people are expected to witness the final match.

5:25 p. m.

Cali police prepare

For the decisive match, the Police had more than 1,000 policemen in the city and two security rings in the stadium.

“We invite you to follow soccer in peace and support women’s soccer,” said Lieutenant Colonel Rodrigo Manrique Gómez.


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2023-07-01 01:40:00
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