LeBron James Commits to Another NBA Season – Fans Can Breathe Easy!

“The day I can’t give my all to the game is the day I’m done. Luckily for you, that day is not today”!

At the annual celebration of the ESPY Awards, NBA legend LeBron James (38) knocks out this cracker. The 38-year-old hasn’t had enough of basketball and will enter his 21st NBA season in 2023.

After the LA Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs by Denver, James had the rumor mill churning about his future. “Now I have to see how basketball goes for me personally,” James said. The superstar had to “think about a lot.”

Fans can breathe easy. LeBron James will continue!

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At the ESPYs, LeBron was presented with the Best Record Breaker award. In his speech he reveals: “Listen, you can love me and I know some of you hate me too. But the only thing you will always do is respect me.”

After this message to his critics, the “King” crowns himself on stage. What a gesture…

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One reason LeBron is keen to continue could be son Bronny (18). Bronny James would be eligible for the NBA draft after his upcoming season with the USC Trojans. Will we see the 18-year-old playing against or even with his father anytime soon?

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