“I do it with one hand and in less than a minute”

Jordi is passionate about learning and his date doesn’t talk about topics he doesn’t know

Jordi and Sara do not agree on couple issues: “We hit more as friends”

Jordi He discovered his great passion when he found philosophy. In fact, he assures that he has not fallen in love with anyone and yes with philosophy. He has shown Carlos Sobera who is capable of making a Rubik’s cube with one hand and in less than 30 seconds. He is a very restless guy intellectually and likes to be learning all the time. In love, he has not had any luck, but he is clear that he likes cheerful girls with topics of conversation.

Sara, his date, has also not been in any serious relationship. When she saw Jordi, she felt that he was not the prototype of her boy, but she wanted to meet him. They both have 18 and 19 years and they are studying.

Sara and Jordi during their date on ‘First Dates’

The young people have started dinner by talking about their hobbies and Jordi has told them that he really liked going out with his friends, but that he read a lot and that learning was what I like the most. Sara has told him that she had practiced all kinds of sports, but that at this moment she only studied and worked. Of course, she has given him a lot of envy that Jordi read so much.

Jordi wanted to know if Sara was a believer and when he found out that she was, he told her that the he was an atheist and has tried to discuss the matter, but she has told him that she did not like to comment on issues that she did not control. For example, she can’t talk about politics or other religions because she doesn’t know enough to have a clear opinion. He has been a little disappointed because would like to find someone who also likes to learn all the time and talk about any topic.

Sara and Jordi during their date on ‘First Dates’

The bachelor also wanted to know his date’s position on sex and the nude, but Sara told him that she never talks about that on a first date. On the subject of open relationships, singles have also disagreed. Sara is clear that she wants a relationship with future Jordi wouldn’t mind experimenting.

At the time of the final decision, the two have been clear that there were fundamental issues that separated them as a couple, but that they had a good time and that it was easier to be friends anything else.


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