Huracán needed to kick a penalty twice to beat Platense and end the curse of 15 games without wins

Matías Cóccaro gave the victory to Diego Martínez’s team in Vicente López.

The rain passed, the cold returned, but it is caliente the end in Vicente López. There are 16 minutes of extra time. Nerves take over each other. From Platense, because he is looking for a tie at a pure center and cannot with Lucas Chaves. Of Huracán, because he clings to that triumph that he waited for during 15 matches! (11 in the Professional League). Until Andrés Merlos lowers the blinds to an ordinary game that only had emotion due to the uncertainty of the result in that dizzying outcome.

Huracán won for that disputed penalty. A foul by Iván Vázquez on Matías Cóccaro that the referee did not collect and that required the support of the VAR. Nicolás Cordero kicked in the first instance and covered Ramiro Macagno. Technology prevented him from becoming a hero. The Platense goalkeeper had gone ahead. Then, the Uruguayan took the ball, who repeated the execution and broke his goal. Yes, it was the night that the Globo He had planned to end all streaks, including the drought of 564 minutes without converting.

Physical football, melee, long ball, little elaboration, a concert of inaccuracies. Platense and Huracán made it clear that their relevance is logical. And although the Squid He is more comfortable in both tables, to the point that his fans reminded his rival from Parque Patricios that he is going downhill, there were no differences. Especially in the first forty-five minutes.

He Globo started better. Starting from the speed of Walter Mazzanti and the intensity of Cóccaro. Diego Martínez, aware of the situation, bet on the classic 4-4-2 and played with two “9”. He accompanied Cordero, but it was the Uruguayan who was most concerned about the brown background. He had three clear situations in the initial twenty minutes. When the game was just beginning, Guillermo Benítez took off on the left, the Zorro He jumped into the heart of the area and in an unbeatable position headed wide.

A while later, Santiago Hezze recovered and played deep for Cóccaro, who opened up, hooked inside and finished off weakly at the hands of Ramiro Macagno. And immediately, Juan Gauto played with the Uruguayan, who opened to the right, but Mazzanti ended up finishing off in a hurry over the crossbar.

Hurricane recovered, hinted, but did not resolve. And Platense began to take shape aboard the 4-1-4-1 in which there was plenty of intensity, but lacked ingenuity. The only one who seemed to understand the game, despite not slowing down, was Franco Díaz. Even so, the only possibility that the Squid it was through a bombing by Nicolás Castro that covered Chaves. Later, he loosened up a little on the outside because his full-backs were not projected and Nicolás Servetto fought with Fernando Tobio and Lucas Carrizo, but he was harmless.

He couldn’t even take advantage of the ball stopped Huracán. From a poorly executed free throw by Benítez and a series of rebounds, Gauto shot across the ball and Macagno dominated against his chest. The isolated, forced plays made the first stage a difficult spectacle to digest.

The second half had the same tenor. Until the penalty came and the discussions. After Cóccaro’s goal, Platense cheered up with Vicente Taborda. And Chaves showed security. Hurricane defended itself as best it could. He held on to his goalkeeper and was finally able to come out as a loser.

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