How and when can River be champion of the Professional Soccer League and what are the chances of Workshops

The team coached by Martín Demichelis depends on itself and will seek the next date to be champion of the Professional Soccer League. What are the possibilities.

There are only three dates left for the end of the Professional Soccer League y River Plate caresses the Professional League. behind it follows workshops, even with minimal chances in what seems more like a chimera than an option than a real option to take the championship to Córdoba. However, the tie Millionaire on his visit to Saint Lawrence and also the equality of workshops ante Santa Fe Union they stretched (barely stretched) the definition of the domestic championship that will have a new owner (Boca, champion in the last edition, has no chance).

It is true that the Millionaireconducted by Martin Demichelis (who will be champion in his debut as DT) has the best chances of keeping the title since he was nine points ahead of the T, with only nine units in play. In other words, he must win all three games and the Millionaire lose all three to access a virtual tie that would be defined by goal difference. those of Javier Gandolfi but they will fight it to the end.

River arrives with many chances to be champion of the Professional Soccer League. Photo Juano Tesone

Now, thinking about the next one, the pressure is reversed. In the past it was the team of Micho who played without mitigation taking into account that the T had its corresponding match two days later. On this occasion, the people of Cordoba will play first as they face Huracán (in relegation position) on Friday at 9:30 p.m. at the Tomás Adolfo Ducó stadium. And the only outcome that serves them is win or win. To stretch the agony… or the illusion.

On the other hand, River will have its meeting on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. ante students of La Plata in the Más Monumental, before more than 80,000 fans who normally attend the stadium. One point will allow you to turn around before your people.

The celebration of the Talleres en Junín players against Sarmiento. Photo: AFA League.

When can the River be consecrated

River depends on itself. If Talleres does not win at Ducó, he will be champion. But if Gandolfi’s men take the 3 points, Demichelis’s men can turn around against their people in Núñez with only a draw.

One by one, the possibilities that consecrate River

– In case Talleres loses or draws on Friday, River will be champion without playing that same day. Given this possibility, the Millionaire He could even turn around before his people on Saturday before playing.

– And tie workshopsRiver also shouts champion before playing.

– If the T wins on Friday, River will turn around with just one point.

In the event that River loses and Talleres wins, the next date the options will be the same. To stay in the race, T would have to win and Millionaire lose again.

What happens if River loses all the games and Talleres wins them

If Demichelis’ men lost in all three games and Gandolfi’s men won them, they would end the tournament with the same points and all would be defined by goal difference: until now, River has +27 and Talleres +18.

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