Gonzalo Bressan: From Vacation Training to Joining the Argentine Senior National Basketball Team

Gonzalo Bressan spends his last days of vacation at “my old people’s house”, as he describes, in Malaga, training. He does it at night, due to the heat of the European summer, and he looks forward to starting training with the Argentine senior team. It will be from Saturday, also in Spain, more precisely in Alicante. “About five hours from here,” Bressan tells Mundo D.

For “Gonza”, born in Córdoba but trained in Spain, this is the first call for the senior national team. At the age of 21, the 2.05-meter-tall pivot was summoned to the preparation that the national team will carry out for the dispute of the Pre-qualifying tournament for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games under the command of the Cordovan coach Pablo Prigioni. Outside of the 2023 World Cup in Japan-Indonesia-Philippines, Argentina is aiming its cannons at the event that will be played in Santiago del Estero from August 14 to 20 and will grant a place in the final qualifier for next year’s Olympic Games.

From the 2001 litter (he was born on November 16, 2001), Bressan was in the shortlists in the World Cup qualifying windows. “I was on the lists but I never got a citation, so I am extremely happy, I have to take the step. I’m going to give everything and enjoy”, highlighted the Cordovan.

“I am going to share the preparation with people I see on television like (Carlos) Delfino and (Facundo) Campazzo. It is a group of experienced players with a nucleus of young people where beautiful things will surely come out ”, added Bressan.

Gonzalo Bressan finished an outstanding season at Godella and was summoned to the Argentine senior team. (@cblhortagodella)

Practices in Europe will begin on Saturday, July 15, with a first group of players, to officially start preparation on Thursday, July 20. The Camilo Cano Sports City in La Nucia, Alicante, will receive the Argentine team.

The “young core” that the pivot stands out is made up of Santiago Trouet, also from Córdoba and trained in Europe, who recently stood out in the U19 World Cup with the national team along with Lee Aaliya, other of the “boys” mentioned by Prigioni in the preselection of 16 players. “Being with them, the young people, will help to be without so much nervousness. Then I will take advantage of it to learn and I will drop everything to try to earn a place in the team. It is a unique opportunity”, confessed “Gonza”.

-The national team, and Argentine basketball, have a deficit in the pivot position, it is a great opportunity to earn a place

-Well, yes, there is a deficit in the “5″. I’m going to try to do my best, go for everything to earn a place in the team.

-At just 21 years old, how is your evolution going as a player?

-I know my qualities, which are mainly in the low post and I know that I have to improve my physique and also improve my three-point shot to adapt to the basketball that is played.

-How is the issue with the triples?

-Well, improving somewhat, but I have to improve the percentage of the pitches.

Gonzalo Bressan, the Argentine

Gonzalo Bressan already played with the shirt of the Argentine team, in the formative divisions. In 2017 he played in Fiba América U16, in Formosa, and a year later, the U17 World Cup in Rosario. It was the last time he visited the country, and Córdoba, where his family lives, except for his parents. “The Prequalifier is an excellent opportunity to return to Argentina. I have to try to earn a place in the national team, ”he explained.

The Cordovan pivot Gonzalo Bressan playing with the Argentine team in the U17 World Cup in 2018 in Rosario. (Fiba)

Gonzalo, before he was three months old, at the beginning of 2002, when his parents Alberto and Silvana, both professionals, left Argentina to try their luck in Spain, as hundreds of compatriots did. They left Córdoba to look for work in Spanish lands. His father Alberto became part of the Instituto squad as a youth in the early years of the National League, and he transmitted his passion for basketball and the national team. “He is my number one fan,” he adds about Alberto, his father.

“My old man transmits his love for the national team to me. I always wanted to play in the Argentine national team, I never thought otherwise, ”he highlighted.

The future of Gonzalo Bressan

Gonzalo Bressan ended his two-year relationship with Valencia Basket, where he played games in the ACB, the highest category in Spain.

The man from Cordoba closed the last season at CB L’Horta Godella, playing LEB Plata (third division), with 13.3 points (with 67.4 percent in doubles, 30% in triples and 76.7% in free throws ), plus 5.2 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 24.1 minutes, in 14 games.

“I’m looking for a team, looking to take the step, that is, to reach a LEB Oro or even an ACB team,” says Bressan. “I’m not in a hurry, I’m looking for the best club that allows me to establish myself, the minutes are important at my age, and that allows me to improve in what we talk about, the physique and the three-point shot”, completed Bressan, full of illusions with the argentinian team

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