Golds for Mechaal or the nerjeño Ouassim Oumaiz in the National

The Spanish Athletics Championship concluded with a closed night in the Valencian town of Torrent, after the men’s relay from Trops-Cueva de Nerja won a creditable fifth place in the very final. He defended the title, after the historic gold harvested in his own fief a year ago, but this time there were no surprises. For his part, Malaga’s balance of the weekend will be remembered for the gold in 5,000 of Ouassim Oumaiz from Nerja, which in turn has achieved a ticket to the World Cup. Another who will be in top form in the Budapest World Cups it will be catalan Adel Mechaalwho yesterday gave a coup of authority and won his fourth Spanish championship title in 1,500 (3:33.44 minutes, as a new record for these championships).

The women of Trops-Cueva de Nerja, for their part, were seventh in the 4×400 final last night. Just one step above that reached by the men of the Nerjeño club in this same relay event. Another very meritorious result was obtained on Friday the young athlete from Nerja Juan Jiménez (Trops-Cueva de Nerja), in the hammer final, because with 64.33 he was awarded fifth place among the best in Spain.

Mechaal’s gold seemed destined before starting the final for the Murcian Mohamed Katirwho came to meet the second best world brand of the year, or for the man from Salamanca Mario Garcia Romo, sixth in the world ranking of the year. The Catalan athlete, who will turn 33 next December, once again showed his competitive character and finally won a medal to add to those he had already achieved in 2015, 2017 and 2021.

Little did Adel Mechaal care, fifth in the past tokyo olympicsthe frantic rhythm that the athlete from Playas de Castellón put to the test from the beginning Abderrahman El KhayamiWhat’s more, he seemed to appreciate it as he confessed after the test. “I don’t know if El Khayami and Katir had agreed to launch the race, but for me it has been good, because I like high-paced races. In this way, the best in 1,500 will always win and not the one with the most speed,” he said.

A strong final rhythm that was followed by the acceleration led by Mohamed Katir, the national record holder of the distance, and that only Adel Mechaal could hold on to at the start of the last lap.. In fact, the Catalan, who this year had a best mark of 3:31.43 minutes, not only managed to resist Katir’s attack, but also ended up overtaking Murcia, a bronze medalist in Eugene’s past World Cups, on the straight final. “Katir launched the attack and I went behind and in the end it was a spectacular straight”, explained Mechaal who won with a time of 3:33.44 minutes, lowering the championship record held by a legend like Fermín by one second. Cacho with a time of 3:34.52 since 1991.

In addition, on this last day in Torrent, the young Jaël-Sakura Bestué confirmed her status as the Spanish sprinter of the moment, after winning her fourth national champion title in the 200 meters this Sunday with a mark of 22.72 meters, also a new championship record. Bestué, 22, did not even have to come close to her best numbers to add her fourth double hectometre Spanish champion title, after the gold medals won by the Catalan in 2018, 2019 and 2020. However, she dropped up to two times the record of the championships and clearly prevailed in the final to Paula Sevilla (Beaches of Castellón), gold last year in Nerja and this time he was silver with a time of 22.85, his personal best. completed the podium Esther Navarro (Beaches of Castellón)with a record of 23.37 seconds.

If Bestué met the forecasts in the female category, he did not fail in the male category either Pol Retamal (Barcelona), who added his third title of champion of Spain in the 200 meters, the second in a row, after winning the final with a time of 20.48 seconds. Ballasted by the wind, he did not improve his time in the series and could not reach the 20.30 seconds required by the Spanish Federation to attend the World Cups that will be held this August in Budapest.

Almost certainly the Valencian hurdler will also be at said international event Quique Llopis, who this Sunday achieved his first Spanish champion title in the 110 meter hurdles. His time in the final that he played at home was 13.40 seconds.

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