Free agency, trades, rumors live in the ticker: Jaylen Brown’s contract extension at Boston Celtics is imminent

NBA free agency is in full swing with some superstars still waiting to make decisions. Will it be revealed today where James Harden and Damian Lillard are playing next season? With All about the NBA you won’t miss anything!

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NBA Free Agency: The whole league is probably waiting for Harden & Lillard

8:42 p.m .: Did you already look at the Summer League yesterday? Anyone who looks in this summer will see that there two new rules are in test mode. On the one hand, the new penalties against flopping are tested there, on the other hand, the use of a second coaches challenge. If well received, both rules could be adopted for the regular season.

8:12 p.m .: Anthony Edwards yesterday signed a five-year contract extension for at least $ 200 million with the Minnesota Timberwolvestoday he has a message for all the ladieswho became aware of it.

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7:56 p.m .: Another addendum to the Heat: According to Fischer, Miami is interested in Dario Saric and Josh Christopher and is expected to contact the free agents as soon as there is clarity in the Lillard case. We remember that the Warriors are also interested in Saric.

7:34 p.m.: Time for some wild speculation based on James Harden’s latest party pictures! The superstar is on an Instagram post by Michael Rubin along with Tom Brady and Devin Booker to see. Will Harden play for the Suns next season? Or even the Raiders?!? He was also spotted in what appeared to be a casual chat with Sixers owner Josh Harris.

7:05 p.m .: According to Fischer, Miami also informed some free agents that they would not close any other deals until a deal for Lillard was made or was off the table. Among those interested was Malik Beasley, who yesterday signed a minimum contract with the Bucks for 2.7 million.

6:49 p.m .: Jake Fischer (Yahoo Sports) already ventured a theory last night as to why the free agency has been sluggish since yesterday. Accordingly, many teams and players in the league are waiting for the fall of the next two big dominoes, James Harden and Damian Lillard. However, their potential sellers, the Sixers and Blazers, probably don’t want to rush their superstars and sell them at a lower price than possible.

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NBA Free Agency: Brown’s payday is coming up

6:33 p.m .: Gordon was therefore the Warriors’ top target for the backcourt, instead they equipped Cory Joseph with a one-year contract. Due to the new luxury tax rules, Golden State was not willing to include the option for another year. In addition, the Suns were able to offer more playing time for Gordon. According to Slater, the Warriors plan to fill their remaining roster spots with two Big Men. Dario Saric is the top target for this.

6:16 p.m.: After earning nearly $20 million annually on his previous contract, Eric Gordon joined the Suns last Sunday for a minimum first-year contract of $3.2 million, plus a player option for one more season and 3.3 Millions. This option was apparently crucial in his decision for Phoenix and against the Warriors, who according to Anthony Slater (The Athletic) were also in the running for the 34-year-old.

6:02 p.m .: The Detroit Pistons were not as active in free agency as some fans would have liked. However, some young players could still be pushed out of the squad, according to James L. Edwards III (The Athletic) Marvin Bagley III, James Wiseman and Killian Hayes are considered trade candidates before or during the coming season.

5:45 p.m .: Jaylen Brown is only under contract with the Celtics for one more season and is therefore a candidate for a contract extension. With a player like Brown, a supermax deal is in the offing, but the Celtics have had some concerns over the past few days. However, Jeff Goodman assured Celtics on NBC Sports Boston: “It will happen, it’s just a matter of time.” He received this information from the franchise.

NBA Free Agency: Miami seems to be sticking with Martin

5:25 p.m .: I don’t want to lie to you, so far the NBA rumor mill has been really quiet. The 4th of July is also a big celebration in the USA today, so even Woj and Shams are probably taking a short break. We can just let our thoughts run free, which deals could you imagine in the coming hours and days? Which ones do you wish for as a fan for a team or a player?

5:10 p.m .: While the Blazers and Heat are currently negotiating hard day after day, the Bulls are even haggling in the team. See for yourself!

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4:57 p.m .: We will probably hear about one or the other obstacle to the expected Lillard trade before the time comes. So now from Wes Goldberg (Locked on Heat), who throws Caleb Martin in the ring. Accordingly, Miami does not want to part with the versatile forward because they see him as an important part of a title contender. So Portland will have to be content with just looking for value in the Heat roster outside of Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and Martin. If that works?

4:42 p.m .: Yesterday it was nice for Thunder fans to see Chet Holmgren in the Summer League. Last year’s second pick missed his much-anticipated rookie season entirely with a broken foot, but he doesn’t seem to be remembering it now. “It’s like the injury never happened. If my memory was erased, I wouldn’t know about a foot injury,” revealed the 21-year-old at a press conference.

NBA Free Agency: Is Simmons Blocking a Lillard Trade?

4:34 p.m .: The Cleveland Cavaliers apparently keep Isaiah Mobley in the squad and strengthen with Craig Porter, both of whom get a two-way contract. This is reported by Keith Smith (Spotrac).

4:22 p.m .: It seems questionable whether the Nets will get rid of the Australian. What is certain, according to Marc Stein (Substack), is the departure of Tyler Herro from Miami. The 23-year-old knows he’ll soon be involved in a trade for Lillard, although he probably won’t end up in Portland.

4:13 p.m .: At his best, Simmons was a candidate for Defensive Player of the Year, now he seems to be blocking in the offseason. The 26-year-old is still under contract in Brooklyn until 2025 and is set to earn over $78 million. In order to get rid of this contract, the Nets would probably have to shell out quite a bit of draft capital.

4:00 p.m .: It’s not quite wild yet, but interesting: A possible trade from Damian Lillard to the Miami Heat seems to be stalling at Ben Simmons at the moment! That reports Greg Sylvander (Five on the Floor). Brooklyn is planned as the third team between Miami and Portland and would obviously like to get rid of Simmons, but so far there has been no great interest.

3:57 p.m .: Hello everyone, after a rather quiet Monday in the NBA, it should certainly be wild again today! Let’s get started.

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