Exploring the Exclusive NIKE Corner at Sports Depot Komaki: Limited Edition Models and Rare Apparel!

Alpen TOKYO, Terrace Mall Shonan store, and Komaki store are among the sports depots that are deployed nationwide. Compared to regular stores, these three stores have more items and rare items, so we thoroughly investigated the Sports Depot Komaki store!

This time, I would like to research all over the NIKE corner from the fulfilling basketball floor that has just undergone a major renovation.

Many items such as shoes and clothing that are only available at brand stores and some specialty stores are available in limited quantities, making your heart beat faster!

Continuing from the last time, let’s check while introducing recommended products, mainly limited edition NIKE items, from Sports Depot Komaki’s basketball floor staff!

■Many limited edition models are available!basketball shoes

・Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2

Mr. Shiroyama

“First of all, the GT series. It’s a bit heavy, but the bottom part is solid and stable, and the sole has a very good grip, so it’s hard to slip, and it’s a unique shoe that supports sudden stops and acceleration into open spaces. Also, the combination of the Zoom Air unit under the upper and the Zoom Air unit in the heel has excellent resilience. Many NBA players use it.

It’s especially recommended for those who want to take their first step early because the cut at the ankle is low and there’s a strong sense of resilience! ”


Mr. Shiroyama

“Here is a model related to LeBron James. He wears heavy shoes, but that would be too heavy for general players, so it was created with the background of “I want you to make shoes that anyone can wear.”

The design is not too bulky and simple, but it is packed with functions such as resilience and lightness.

NXXT GEN itself has the idea that “anyone can use it in any position”, so in a sense it is easy to use in any position, but I think it is especially easy to use in forwards, small forwards and power forwards. ”

・Nike Jordan Tatum 1 “St. Louis” PF

Mr. Shiroyama

“This is the newly released Tatum series. The best feature is the outsole rubber part. There is rubber in the forefoot part, but there is no rubber in the heel part, and it feels like a normal “sole”. This is because the forefoot is basically the only part that stops or evades defenses, so the weight was reduced by cutting off unnecessary parts.

Among them, the Zoom Air unit in the forefoot makes it easier to start dashing, so if you want a lighter shoe than the GT cut, I think Tatum is easier to use. ”

・Nike LUKA 1 PF

Mr. Shiroyama

“The LUKA 1 PF is a shoe designed mainly for use by Luka Doncic. It is equipped with a midsole called Formula23 foam, which is lightweight and has excellent resilience, so I think it is perfect for players who mainly use step backs.

These shoes have a sense of stability and little sideways movement, and even with little movement, you can feel the firm cushioning and make it easy to step on. Basically, it suits anyone, but since it is a shoe that is most comfortable for those who want to keep a distance from the opponent, it is often used in a position above the goal rather than below the goal. Compared to before, I feel that the use of high school students has increased. ”

・Nike Cosmic Unity 3

Mr. Shiroyama

“Cosmic Unity is made of sustainable materials, so it is eco-friendly, and because it is heavy, it is suitable for people who want to make strong contact, such as players under the goal.

In addition, since foam is inserted into the midsole, it is a pair that gives you a sense of security when you put your feet in, a feeling of being firmly protected, and plenty of cushioning.

The rest is design. There were other colors, but they were so popular that they were sold out once, so if you are interested, we recommend that you purchase them as soon as possible! ”

■ Rare items are worth seeing!Apparel & Accessories

・Nike Men’s Dri-FIT NBA Swingman Jersey

Mr. Shiroyama

“This ‘Jamorant Memphis Grizzlies 2023 Select Series’ and ‘Steph Curry Golden State Warriors 2022/23 Select Series’ are also rare items that you can actually see and try on at the store.

Recently, the basketball uniform itself has become popular as everyday wear, and many people wear it as part of their fashion, such as wearing a T-shirt underneath and wearing slightly baggy pants. The environment is also taken into consideration, such as using sustainable materials for materials. ”

・Nike Jordan Series

Mr. Shiroyama

“When it comes to Jordan, short pants, hats, hair bands, wrist bands, etc. with excellent breathability are also popular. In particular, the hair bands were sold out the first time they arrived, and the number of restocks has decreased considerably, so just like other popular products, if you see something you like, get it as soon as possible!

The Komaki store has a wide variety and number of items, so the biggest advantage is that you can actually look at it and say, “I like this design,” or, “But this one is cool, so let’s try it on.” Please pick it up and try it. ”

That concludes our introduction to the Nike corner on the sports depot Komaki store basketball floor!

The Komaki store is the only store in the Tokai area that has such a wide range of products. If you’re in the area, please stop by and take a peek!

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■ Sports Depot Komaki

Address: 5-146 Horinouchi, Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture

Phone number: 0568-76-0787

Business hours: 10:00-21:00

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