Excitement Builds for Third MMA Competition at “Arena Wari” in Peru

Martial arts lovers will witness the third mixed martial arts (MMA) competition, which will take place on next July 29 in the sports facilities of the Peruvian Institute (IPD) in the “Arena Wari”.

At four in the afternoon, the preliminary stage will begin and the star fights will begin at five.

It is known that in the next few days the organizers “Union Family For Champions UFFC” will be presenting all the contact athletes who will face each other in the “Arena Wari”, a meeting of emotions between lovers of this sport and amateur athletes who will witness each fight in the ring.

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Despite having several qualified athletes for this event, Ayacucho will be represented by the judo and jiu Jitsu contact athlete, by Ronald Javier Aguado Sauñe, an athlete who was invited to this stellar competition that is opening doors in the region and is coming recovering from an injury that momentarily took him away from the ring, but already preparing for the long-awaited competition.

Mixed martial arts is a contact sport where the use of different fighting techniques and various styles within the same combat is allowed, such as kikcboxing, boxing, judo, jiu jitsu, taekwondo, wrestling, Greco-Roman, wushu among other sports. of combat.

“I am very excited to be part of this third edition. In past editions I could not get the first places for technical reasons; however, I am sure that I will have better results than in the first and second martial arts tournament that took place in Ayacucho a few years ago”, Aguado emphasized.

It should be remembered that this contact combat does not have registrations because it is a special invitation to Olympic athletes who have been having a good sports performance in different contests at the national level.

“In this third edition we will have the participation of South American athletes. I will do my best and follow my teacher’s teaching, fight with all my strength regardless of the results and we have to give everything for everything, even more so when we are on a stage that is to be local ”, argued the contact athlete.

He The confrontation will take place on July 29 with the rules established in the rules of mixed martial arts and will have the best judges who will determine the winners in each category of each match.

“With this championship we will take advantage of our few interested parties, we are sure that we will advance all contact sports and all contact sports that are giving a lot of talk in the region have to be massified. The capacity of the spectators will be at least 300 and the price of the tickets will be announced in the coming days”, Aguado added.

In the same way, the contact athlete assured that he is prepared for this third edition and the first places will remain in Ayacucho and invited all private brands to be part of this competition that is having an impact in the region.

“Don’t miss this competition, the whole family, interested parties and friends are cordially invited to be spectators of the high-end sports that will be involved in this third event. There will be no limits and I hope to continue growing”, the contact athlete finished.

Peru is the second power in martial arts in South America.

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