Concerts, Sports, and Fun Activities: Training Sully-Plage Starts with a Rich and Varied Programme

If you are one of those who have not had the chance to go on vacation this summer, then it is perhaps in Sully-sur-Loire that you will find what you are looking for. From Saturday, at 10 a.m., Sully-plage opens its doors – or rather its sandbank – on the banks of the Loire (note that swimming is prohibited), until August 6th.

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The program is centered around the pillars that have made the success of animation since its establishment in 2014.

Empowered sports associations

Fun and sports activities on a daily basis. Evenings around concerts every Friday and Saturday evening (as well as Thursday July 13, with a fireworks display from the castle park). And refreshment and catering points “animated by elected officials who also put their hands in the dough”, specifies Patrick Hélaine, assistant in charge of entertainment at Sully-sur-Loire.

The latter takes the opportunity to recall that the festivities are organized by the municipality, “for a budget of 70,000 euros”.

Children can have fun around the inflatable structures.

Among the novelties this year, the increased presence of Sully sports associations. “There will be demonstrations of beach football, kayaking, archery, beach rugby, beach handball. All of this will be very supervised by our sports clubs.”

Courses will also be offered with dances (zumba, country), petanque, or gymnastics. And the teenagers will be involved during two periods of three days with the activity The Kids Mix where they will learn the art of the DJ profession, before handling the turntables in front of the public at Sully plage.

“Sport and music are unifying”

“All these activities are purely initiatory. They are open to teenagers and adults alike so that everyone can find something for themselves. What is important is that there is no need to register – except for The Kids Mix -. We don’t force anyone to stay for two hours,” says Patrick Hélaine.

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All of these activities will be free for the public and retain a sporting or musical character. “We realize that sport and music are unifying. This speaks to everyone and especially to young people aged 11 to 17, who can sometimes lack activity in the summer”, adds the Sully assistant.

The Sullylois are preparing to welcome a few tourists.

But the strength of Sully-plage also remains its concerts and its nocturnal evenings. The programming is deliberately “very eclectic”, explains Patrick Hélaine.

Rock, with the group Ouest (July 8), electro with Captain Sparks and Royal Company (July 14), and Terre Neuve (July 22). Covers of French and international songs (July 15), for evenings which should continue until 11 p.m. There will be something for everyone.

“And on July 29, it is the restaurateurs and merchants from Sully who will set the mood for the summer terraces,” adds the man who is also president of the municipality’s festival committee.

“Bringing Sully-plage to life for a month is already good”

While more than 25,000 people are still expected on Sully-plage this summer, the question of continuing this event until the end of August has not yet arisen.

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Cost and personnel reasons prevent this initiative. “The city cannot do this indefinitely. The volunteers also need vacations and there are other major events at the start of the school year. But making Sully-plage live for a month is already good”. This should delight many people who will not have the opportunity to go on vacation this summer.

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