Chinese Taipei’s Yang Yongwei Strives for Gold in Universiade and Sets Sights on Olympic Success

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Chinese Taipei “Judo God”: Universiade milestone, Olympic Games I compete for gold

Guo Jian, reporter of China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily

“Of course I planned to get the first gold medal for the team (Chinese Taipei team) before the game, but I was a little regretful and lost the final. This made me see my strengths and weaknesses more clearly.” And in previous years Yang Yongwei, who is known as the “Judo God” in Chinese Taipei, has tougher facial lines and has highlighted the outline of a “sporty man”. “My performance in today’s final is still lacking in details. Preliminaries and knockout rounds) I am also like this, the state is not very good, both technically and psychologically flawed. But even if I did not win the gold medal, this competition is not small, I can see myself in the process of preparing for the Universiade competition It is very important for me to improve bit by bit and also see a chance to win in the final.”

The men’s judo 60kg final of this Universiade ended this evening. Yang Yongwei, who was fighting at home, was surrounded by cheers from the audience from the beginning to the end, but in the end he only reached the runner-up step of the podium. The Jianyang Culture and Sports Center, where the judo competition is held, is about 100 meters away from the Chengdu Universiade’s main stadium. The 1-hour drive is the “farthest venue” of this Universiade. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the local people, the venue is full of cheers at any time. Especially in this final, when Yang Yongwei entered the field, the host introduced “Chinese Taipei players”, and the instant cheers seemed to pierce the roof. No wonder Yang Yongwei said, “It feels the same as last year, and I am very touched. Thank you for cheering me up like this.” “. The 2017 Universiade was held in Taipei, China, and Yang Yongwei was just a fledgling. After several years of competition, Yang Yongwei has grown from a freshman to a graduate student. His Universiade track can already see the end.

“My research major is closely related to my training. I majored in sports physiology. Many of the things I learned can be directly used in my training to improve my training effect.” Yang Yongwei was born in a judo family and is currently studying sports. The university is located in Taichung City. Due to his excellent grades, the Chinese Taipei team provided him with a lot of conveniences for his training, including his coaching brother becoming his “exclusive training partner”. The wish of the whole family is the Olympic gold medal hanging at the pinnacle .

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics men’s judo 60kg silver medalist, Yang Yongwei’s statement that “the state is not very good” at the Chengdu Universiade is not an excuse. After all, “speaking with strength” is the unshakable truth in the sports arena. Compared with his final opponent, Japanese player Nakamura Daiki, Yang Yongwei had proper tactics and aggressive attacking posture, but in the end he was defeated by Nakamura’s “one book”, which made Yang Yongwei more firm in his idea of ​​”going to Japan for off-site training before the Paris Olympics” .

“I want to win gold medals in all the competitions I participated in, so now I still have shortcomings compared with Japanese players. Today my opponent is also very famous. He has won the gold medal in the World Youth Championship. I also did it against him. A lot of homework, I saw a chance to beat him in the final, which proves that my training efforts are in the right direction.” Yang Yongwei said, “Japan is a judo powerhouse, and our strongest competitors are all Japanese players. Each of them They are all outstanding players, so at the critical stage of preparing for the Paris Olympics, I will go to Japan for off-site training, learn more from their strengths, and then improve my own ability.”

Yang Yongwei said that the Universiade is a milestone for him. From participating bravely in 2017 to now hitting the gold medal goal in Chengdu, the different perceptions at different stages of his studies have allowed him to examine a harder self. “The intensity of the World Championships is higher. But the Olympic Games is the hall of glory of my greatest dream, I want to play every game as the final of the Olympic Games, until the Paris Olympic Games, to get the gold medal I want most.”

China Youth Daily, Chengdu, July 29th

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