Bottrop Continues to Support and Promote Competitive Athletes

Bottrop Continues to Support and Promote Competitive Athletes

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Bottrop. Bottrop supports 27 other athletes on their way to the top of the sport. For eight years, the city has been promoting competitive athletes so that they can more easily combine their talent with their commitments in working life, in education and in the family.

The athletes from different disciplines have now been presented with the funding commitments for the 2023/2024 period in the Eloria experience factory. “This project has been a wonderful success story since it began and I am always impressed by the willingness to perform, the unconditional will and the great effort and commitment with which they pursue their sporting goals,” said Lord Mayor Tischler. “It makes me proud that they are establishing our city as a location for competitive sports and I am pleased that we can support and accompany them on this path.”

Agatha Schmidt remains the flagship of competitive sports promotion. The 26-year-old athlete from JC 66 Bottrop was already part of the premiere squad in 2016 and, thanks to hard work, has established herself on the international judo stage. After winning the German championship title and the success at the European Cup in Madrid, the national coach now has her on the list for a possible Olympic participation in 2024.

The Olympic Games in Paris are also Björn Maas’ big dream. With the Kirchellener, an athlete from parasport is also being promoted for the first time. After an MS diagnosis and a serious bicycle accident, the 45-year-old not only fought his way back to life, but also into the para-national team of the German Triathlon Union. In the coming months it is important to get hold of the necessary qualifying points on international terrain. Most recently, this was successful at the Africa Paratriathlon Cup in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.

Two top talents from the German rowing scene are new to the support team. Johannes Benien and Tobias Strangemann not only accepted their funding commitments from Mayor Bernd Tischler, but also congratulations on two national championship titles. The weekend before, the two 18-year-olds from Kirchhellen had triumphed at the U19 championships on Baldeneysee in the two without a coxswain and in the NRW eight. The deserved reward is the nomination for the U19 World Cup, which will take place in Paris in August.

From the talent factory of the JC 66, Justus Hirschfelder, who achieved third place in the U18-DM this year, as well as Marie König and Kyra Brandt, are three more promising talents. As a collective, the judoka should again provide numerous reports of success in the next twelve months.

In total, the support team will continue to consist of 27 athletes. In 2016, ten athletes were appointed to the premiere squad. “We have been able to get a lot off the ground in recent years and have continuously developed the project further. We want to continue on this path together with our partners,” says Jürgen Heidtmann, head of the Bottrop sports and pool operations.

The funding program is supported by the Sparkasse Bottrop, the Ele, the Gesellschaft für Bauen und Wohnen (GBB) and the furniture store Ostermann. Together with the mayor and two political representatives, the partners form the support council, which decides on the recommendations of the specialist committee from the Bottrop Sports Association. Bernd Tischer: “I would like to thank everyone who is committed to promoting competitive sports. This project is a win for everyone: for the partners, the city, for the sport and especially for the athletes.”

Support squad 2023/2024:

Johannes Benien (rowing), Jan Binia (swimming), Florian Böcker (judo), Ronja Buddenkotte (judo), Kyra Brandt (judo), Lilly Büssemeyer (judo), Mia Dahlke (swimming), Marlon Fischer (judo), Justus Galla (Judo), Franziska Galla (Judo), Helen Habib (Judo), Justus Hirschfelder (Judo), Artur Hofmann (Judo), Jana Katharina Iwanek (Judo), Marie König (Judo), Niklas Kutscher (Judo), Marius Lewald ( Athletics), Björn Maas (para-triathlon), Eugen Müller (judo), Bastian Rhode (judo), Bastian Sauerwald (judo), Agatha Schmidt (judo), Tyler Smuda (triathlon), Tobias Strangemann (rowing), Pia Urban ( Judo), Ilyas Vinayev (Judo), Nehle Vakup (Judo).

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