Boluda and Danvila threaten to withdraw their offer to ‘save’ Levante

Danvila and Boluda’s plan for Levante starts rolling

“Everything in this life has an expiration date and our proposal ends today“, Boluda stated. The businessman promised, on June 28, to grant a loan of 15 million to allow Levante UD to continue to belong to its partners. “For Levante to continue to belong to the partners, it must be through of a loan, because with a capital increase or a sale of the club the members would be greatly reduced”.

His project started with his financing, but Boluda was not going to work for Levante. Simply, in “honor” of his father, he would inject an economic amount -which could later be increased- on the condition that his project be headed by his friend José Danvila after the departure of Quico Catalán.

The candidates already know the numbers of LaLiga’s mouth

It was as it was, the Foundation has not given signs of life and the option of Boluda falters after the ‘OK’ of LaLiga, who classified it as a good solution to guarantee the future of the club. “We are not going to enter an auction. If there are people (other investors or projects) that offer better things, then great. But this far we have come. Here the League ended with an unfortunate penalty and everything remains the same. I don’t get it,” she says.

“There are people who are risking their own money to protect Levante”

“We have offered money, without diluting the partners, everything that is in our power, but this is as far as we have come,” he insisted. “Everything is the same here. Now Levante has a hole of 35 million. And in December? Well, equal to 60. There’s no point in waiting any longer.”

2023-07-19 18:55:43
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