Boca Juniors’ Hierarchy Shines Through in Victory Against Gymnastics

In the changes From one to the other it is possible to explain the result that occurs at nightfall in La Plata. There was Roll Romero, with his team already at a disadvantage, appealing to the income of Alan Lescano (21 years old) and Leandro Mamut (19). A few minutes later, Jorge Almirón made three modifications. And Darío Benedetto, Luis Advíncula and Norberto Briasco jumped onto the field. It took a little while for Boca to set up a win. Then, the effort of Gymnastics turned into disappointment. And Rodrigo Castillo’s discount at the end, the product of a lack of intelligence between Tiny Romero and Nicolás Figal, was just the famous goal of honor.

Boca had too much hierarchy and that difference was exposed on the field, when the forcefulness flowed. He needed to change his face as a visitor, a condition in which he had not won since the 17th date at La Paternal, coincidentally with a goal from Miguel Merentiel, who opened the account at El Bosque. And above all, you had to show yourself whole after River’s Olympic return. Los xeneizes They scored three great goals and the numbers are beginning to be positive: Reaped 10 of the last 12 in play and got into the batch of teams that are qualifying for international cups.

Almirón appealed to a different scheme in La Plata. The coach, who usually defies the habituality of his footballers, gave another function to Cristian Medina. Just as Advíncula and Valentín Barco left the winger to become wingers or midfielders, Moreno’s youth team became a player. And although it is true that it is a position that he knows from the lower divisions, it is also a reality that he almost always plays as an internal midfielder.

With Medina in that position, Boca gained handling but lost verticality. So, despite the brushstrokes of the 21-year-old boy, everything slowed down. The transfer, mainly. The old diamond that Almirón rescued did not generate possibilities for the double “9” that he put together with Miguel Merentiel and Luis Vázquez.

Gymnastics did the most wear. With 9 soccer players that emerged from his seedbed at Estancia Chica, he showed Vigor to press, intensity when it warranted recovery and depth. However, it lacked fairness in the definition. And the clearest in the first stage, a play prepared by the laboratory of Roll Romero, did not end in a goal due to a great cover by Tiny. Eric Ramírez faked a direct kick, but played the free kick for the surprise appearance of Franco Torres. The shuttlecock jerked powerfully and the goalkeeper blocked the ball. fierce.

The game was far from having a great level. Between the difficulties that Boca exhibited to change the rhythm and the position of Gymnastics that it demanded, but did not resolve, everything became monotonous. Until the visiting team began to accelerate. Marcelo Weigandt was activated. He grew up Pol Fernandez. The two combined on the right. And the captain’s cross to the near post found Merentiel alone, who rose among the central defenders and nailed the scoring header.

The Uruguayan was pure opportunism. And Boca, who had not been lucid to elaborate and had been little aggressive, took the lead. Gymnastics had no weight up. The 4-2-3-1 with Ramírez and Franco Soldano alternating pressure as a reference did not work because Torres got loose in a dropper and Benjamín Domínguez, who had an open field in the Weigandt sector, did not finish the plays well. At times, he abused the dribble. He had a clear one at the end of the first half and he responded again Tiny Romero.

In the second half, the VAR annulled a goal by Merentiel, a very fine advanced position. And Gymnastics, which was tight, seemed to understand that the referee’s ruling was a new opportunity in the game. Chirola disarmed the double five, Lescano and Mamut entered and Boca suffered. Later, he sacrificed a winger, sent a striker (Ivo Mammini) onto the field and locked up his illustrious rival.

However, all that energy had no correlate in Romero’s area. And Boca liquidated it in two minutes with two barbaric plays. Varela left Medina hand in hand and the midfielder did not fail. Immediately, a counterattack came and Benedetto’s goal after 7 touches in which Advíncula and Weigandt also participated.

The gymnastics kids left recognized. They left everything. Boca won with the quality of its squad. There are exceptions, of course. But the wallet usually weighs more than the wit. At this point, there were no equivalences.

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