Belgrano Earns Valuable Draw Against Colón in Professional League Match

Belgrano brought a valuable draw from Santa Fe, after equalizing 0-0 with Colón in the “Cementerio de los Elefantes” stadium, in one of the matches that make up the schedule for date 24 of the Professional League. After a good first half and a complement in which Losada was key, the draw allowed Pirata to end a streak of five consecutive defeats as a visitor.

The rookie Moreno wins above in the Celeste match against Colón, in Santa Fe. (Belgrano Press)

The summary of the TV of Colón 0-Belgrano

The match

In the first half played loosely by both teams, it was Belgrano that had the clearest situations, because Colón is a poor team in its game and that gives many advantages when it comes to scoring.

Moving in a quick play in the middle of the field, the ball went to the location of Guillermo Pereira, but the midfielder finished off hard over the body of the goalkeeper and Chicco and the good opportunity vanished.

Then it was a shot from outside the area by Longo and once again the local goalkeeper did well and ended with a weak shot from Pereira.

In the midst of these flimsy occasions, there was a poorly played match between two teams that went to the locker room thinking that they had done little with the show and to keep everything.

For the Pirate, this partial 0-0 is a way to cut the “bleed” that is 5 losses in a row away from Córdoba. For this reason, DT Guillermo Farré returned to his “roots” and placed a line of five in the background, which has worked, because it neutralized the very little that Sabalero did.

Boring first set and well deserved goalless draw for both.

In the complement, the local played better for long passages, had the clearest ones, but lacked efficiency to capture what they were doing on the field in a network. In this passage of the match, Losada had a couple of very good interventions, who was the main architect of the draw at zero.

He could not take advantage of any against the Cordovan team, because he lacked clarity when it came to playing the ball from the middle forward.

For the Pirate it is one more unit for the objective of permanence, because now he accumulates 35 points and in numbers it is a more than acceptable campaign. In the game, he took a step forward, because beyond taking great care of his bow and thinking more about neutralizing than creating, it ended up being a worthy performance.

Belgrano reaped a point in his visit to Colón in Santa Fe after the goalless draw and equality helps him to add again outside of Alberdi after five defeats and to keep his goal at zero, something that he had also not achieved for five visitor dates .

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