Attack in Tlajomulco de Zuñiga: “A brutal terror attack”, as Enrique Alfaro describes it – El Sol de México

The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, reported that six people died and 12 were injured due to the attack perpetrated on Tuesday night against the Tlajomulco police and agents of the State Prosecutor’s Office who were responding to an anonymous report on the presence of human remains in a property close to the municipal seat.

The state president explained that it was a trap in which those responsible detonated seven homemade explosive devices and one more that did not explode.

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“An event that we had not seen before here with improvised explosive devices detonated seven of them, one more that fortunately did not explode, so far preliminarily leaving six dead and twelve people injured. It is a brutal act of terror and it is a moment in which that at this table we are closing ranks”.

Of the six deceased, two are elements of the State Prosecutor’s Office and another is a police officer from Tlajomulco, while it has not been revealed whether they are also officers or civilians of the other three.

The state president added that they will implement an operation in coordination with federal and municipal authorities to capture those responsible for the attack.

“We need to concentrate to find those responsible, we are here today under the direction of the Mexican Army ready to unfold an operation in this municipality and in the south of the Guadalajara metropolitan area with full coordination with the National Guard, with the Navy, with the judiciary,” he said.

The event was recorded around 8:30 p.m. on Flaviano Ramos Norte street, less than two kilometers from the municipal seat.

The agents of the Prosecutor’s Office carried out an investigation carried out with the search for human remains that had been reported to them in a property when the explosion originated that reached police officers and civilians who were around.

Neighbors in the area came out of their house and saw a truck engulfed in flames, so they immediately called 911 for help.

In a few minutes, paramedics and municipal firefighters began to arrive, who took on the task of putting out the fire.

More units of the municipal police, the State and the Prosecutor’s Office were present to help their colleagues and cordon off the area.

The officers detected explosive devices scattered on the road, around the truck, for which they immediately extended the cordoned off area and requested the presence of personnel from the Technical Specialist Squad on Explosive Device Disposal (TEDAX) to take charge of the explosive devices. artifacts.

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