Alonso wins a place in the offices after a claim from Aston Martin: Sainz loses two

One more dispatch session in Formula 1 five hours after the end of the race at the Austrian GPthe honors of the podium were done, Verstappen win and each pilot took a flight to go to his country. When they were arriving at their destination, they found the news.

The aston martin appeal it prospered and the race changed positions and scoring. The team of Fernando Alonso He presented a claim to the commissioners, understanding that not all the exits from the track limits of other drivers in turns 9 and 10 of the circuit had been sanctioned.

The FIA ​​accepted it and admitted that there was at least 1,200 possible violations when the pilots exceed the white lines that delimit the tracks. Aston Martin forced to review the potential infringements one by one, since the stewards did not have time during the race to do so.

And five hours after finishing the race at the Red Bull Ring, the situation was like this. Sainz receives a 10-second penalty, the most affected of all. Also Hamilton, Gasly, Sargeant and Albon. Esteban Ocon received a 30-second penalty. And De Vries and Tsunoda half, 15.

Alonso 5th and Sainz 6th

This way, the race has been complicated for himCarlos Sainz, which falls from fourth to sixth position. They pass him in the offices Norris (4) and Fernando Alonso (5).

In its statement, the FIA ​​explains that it has penalized the four exits from the limits of the white lines with five seconds. And that he has applied ten seconds to the fifth offense.

The body explains that it tried to impose some control systems so that this situation would not occur again on the Austrian circuit (a gravel loophole), but that in the end it could not be carried out.

Instead of using cutting-edge technology like the hawk eye or the goal line, Formula 1 ends up deciding races five hours later in a pitiful spectacle.

2023-07-02 19:52:19
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