Al Hilal’s Lavish Offer: 300 Million Euro Fee and 700 Million Euro Salary to Lure Kylian Mbappé

300 million euros fee and a salary of 700 million for a year! With this lavish offer, Al Hilal wants to lure PSG star Kylian Mbappé (24) to Saudi Arabia.

With 700 million euros a year, it’s not just the fans who are lost for words. Even established NBA stars admit that they would move to the desert for a chunk of money.

“They have basketball leagues there too, don’t they? I think the ink on my contract isn’t quite dry yet,” joked Warriors pro Draymond Green (33) on social media.

Green recently signed a four-year, $400 million contract with the Warriors. His working paper cannot keep up with the astronomical Mbappé offer.

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Even the “King” would think twice about such a desert deal. “I’m on my way to Saudi Arabia if they’re Rich Paul and Maverick Carter [seine Agenten, Anm.d.Red.] call about the one-year contract,” LeBron James (38) tweeted, posting the GIF of running Forrest Gump.

For comparison, according to Front Office Sports, James’ total NBA earnings are $531 million (€480 million) throughout his 20-year career in the American professional league! Of course, his contracts with Nike and other advertising partners are excluded from this.

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Quelle: MLP Academics Heidelberg 23.07.2023

Another NBA colleague had previously spoken up. Giannis Antetokounmpo (28/Milwaukee Bucks) made a joke and offered himself to the Saudi club. The Greek published a photo on Twitter, where he can be seen grinning broadly. He writes: “Al-Hilal, you can take me. I look like Kylian Mbappé.”

The Frenchman even spoke up himself, responding to the tweet with a row of emojis crying with joy. What does the PSG star want to say with that? Not clear!

Will the biggest NBA stars soon be moving to the desert? At least there would be understanding for each other…

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