Zeman in Foggia among the whistles, his Pescara makes 2-2. And he attacks journalists –

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In the semifinal playoffs of series C Zdenek Zeman returns to his Foggia: welcomed by boos, he unleashes himself in the press room by attacking journalists. Return on Thursday

He never expected it, but it happened. Zdenek Zemannow coach of Pescara, was not received well in Foggia, at the Zaccheria, despite the fact that the Bohemian coach left great memories in the Apulian city, the famous Zemanlandia with the team in Serie A in the 90s. And despite the famous farewell, last summer, with the suitcase and the bus after the failed promotion.

For the record, the match (playoffs for promotion to Serie B) finished 2-2, but this time no applause, no cheers to greet a coach who wrote important pages in the club’s centennial history. And stay everything in the balance for the return match, scheduled at the Adriatic on Thursday evening. Whoever wins goes to the final against the winner of Cesena-Lecco (first leg 1-2, scheduled for the same time).

As soon as Zeman made his way onto the pitch, he was booed. In response, the Bohemian did not contradict himself pressroom. It presented itself visibly rgloomy and nervous, he also had some for journalists.

When asked if he said goodbye with the Foggia coach and former student Delio Rossi he replied: I didn’t meet Rossi and we didn’t look for each other. I don’t know if one has been created rivalry, but for me it doesn’t exist. I don’t know who created it, but in my opinion there are few journalists in Foggia. A phrase that led reporters to leave the Sala Fesce, the Zaccheria’s media center, in protest.

Zeman is back, even off the field. The Bohemian technician so. There are those who defend it and those who attack it, those who criticize it and those who exalt it. His offensive football was revolutionary and unique, dogmatic and with well-rooted principles. And a way of playing and experiencing football known in every corner of Italy. Since the times of Zemanlandia in Foggia, photography of a spectacular and beautiful football. Obsessive use of the area, the system inevitably the dogmatic 4-3-3, the players blossom and change almost every season.

In the Foggia of miracles (twice ninth in a very competitive Serie A) champions such as Beppe Signori, Ciccio Baiano, Roberto Rambaudi, Gigi Di Biagio and Igor Kolyvanov explode. Among other things, for some years the term Zemanlandia has been inserted as a neologism in the Treccani vocabulary as an imaginative and attacking game system created by Zdenek Zeman. Take or leave.

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