Yeremi Valerón: “Nobody trusted this feat”

From the tears of Juan Carlos Socorro on the carpet of dreams in El Tablero to the fist of Yeremi Valerón. The kings of the mambo. The coach and the banner of a San Fernando subscribed to the epic. You can’t suffer that much. The highest technical manager held his squires and assistants responsible for success, it is a gesture of justice and lordship. “The merit belongs to this team, thank you and I can’t say anything more,” he valued excitedly after certifying his second promotion to the Second RFEF – the previous one with the Pulido San Mateo Bakery. Socorro is consecrated as the fashionable technician of the Archipelago and already sounds for Las Palmas Atlético. In this campaign, he reached the goal after getting rid of the yellow subsidiary and Villa de Santa Brígida in extra time. Against SD Leioa he staged his third block until that minute 120.

veteran and guardian

Yeremi Valerón started with UD San ​​Fernando in this bluish epic. Remember that nobody gave a penny for the southern miracle. “Since the preseason arrived, this team and this squad have given a lesson in commitment and dedication. We set out to promote San Fernando from day one, the first training session. We have never failed. Many members of this locker room are parents and we wanted to do it for ourselves to show ourselves that we are worth it.”

The UD San ​​Fernando coach, Juan Carlos Socorro, is congratulated by the southern fans on certifying promotion to the Second RFEF.

In addition, the full-back, who was summoned by Quique Setién with UD at the Santiago Bernabéu and has a long history as a Las Palmas Atlético player, acknowledges that going down to Third RFEF with the ‘small candle’ was worth them a lesson. Now comes full-blown revenge. The center-back Juan or the striker Aythami also lost the category with the yellow box last season. «Many had suffered the descent of the subsidiary and it marks you forever, makes you stronger. Harder, from our professionalism, we have given everything. Learn from mistakes to grow.

television of the soul

He insists that “it was a personal proposal from each player and we have achieved it, with a score of 2-0 nobody trusted us and we have achieved it for ourselves, for the club and for our fans, who are our family.”

He regrets that Tele Canaria had not offered the entire Archipelago every minute of this San Fernando’s trip to the fourth step of national football. An odyssey that dignifies a wardrobe that multiplied in the mud. Fermín, Adrián, Felipe and Aythami’s gunpowder. The ‘sons’ of Socorro that certify the return of the southern squad to a 2nd RFEF who left last year in a massive rout – the four representatives of Gran Canaria football fell.

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