With architect Bob Myers gone, is Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors home in danger of collapsing?

The time has come“. This time, it is certain, the architect of an era is leaving. For a few hours, the followers of the Golden State Warriors have had the head of the bad days. With good reason. Twelve years after his arrival in the Bay as president of basketball operations, Bob Myers has decided not to join his heart franchise, the one in which he has revolutionized everything or almost.

Mentally worn out, as he told the press on Tuesday evening, the leader, winner of four NBA titles in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2022, made the decision not to renew his lease which ends on June 30. A genius for many, Bob Myers distinguished himself by his host of pretty shots during his time at the helm of the Warriors. If the question of his succession does not worry Californians (whatever …), the work for the future of the five-time NBA champions remains monstrous.


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In more than twelve years spent between Oakland and San Francisco, Bob Myers has established himself as one of the best executives in the big league. From history, quite simply. With the creation of an exceptional dynasty and above all a revolution which is one of the most significant in the NBA.

The latter bears the seal of several men, but especially that of Stephen Curry, to whom the decision maker did not hesitate to give the keys three years after his draft in 2012, instead of a Monta Ellis yet ultra-efficient . “You have to give him all the credit. He’s the most important person by far“, has also launched Bob Myers yesterday during his farewell press conference.

Strong decisions, the native of Danville has collected them. The drafts of Draymond Green and Klay Thompson were also two of his finest masterstrokes. His refusal to send the “Splash Bro” in a trade to Minnesota in exchange for Kevin Love in 2014 had raised teeth across the Atlantic. Time finally proved him right.

Despite a Mark Jackson appreciated by the locker room, Myers did not hesitate to place Steve Kerr at the head of the team, still in 2014, to lead all these beautiful people to four NBA championship titles. Again, the leader had done well. Not to mention the controversial arrival of Kevin Durant in 2016, pushed and ardently desired by the main interested party, to create one of the most infernal machines in the game which won two additional titles in 2017 and 2018.

Kevin Durant and Bob Myers arriving for the winger’s presentation press conference in July 2016

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The beginning of the end, really?

Because this summer of 2023 is a turning point for Golden State. Sixth at the end of the regular season, eliminated in the conference semi-finals by the Los Angeles Lakers, the franchise is at a turning point. With the end of the contract of Draymond Green, who however has a player option this summer, and those to come of Klay Thompson and Steve Kerr in a year, all options are on the table in the “Bay”.

On the set of Get Up on ESPN this Wednesday, insider Brian Windhorst also felt that the heavy (and decisive) contract negotiations to come weighed in the decision of the executive to leave the ship. Without forgetting the new rules concerning the “luxury tax” which should shake up the plans of the residents of the Chase Center, who currently pay more than 500 million euros between salaries and penalties. Like the first warning signs of the huge construction site that awaits the Warriors.

A disciple as a successor, a colossal legacy to assume

Nevertheless, Bob Myers does not seem worried about the future of “his” franchise. “This project is doing very well. Joe Lacob (note, the owner of the Golden State Warriors) is not about to leave, the coach is fantastic. There is one of the best players in the history of the sport in the team… The future is incredibly bright.”

Yet, even if Golden State is a big league institution, doubts are allowed. The big question is whether it will be able to relaunch itself in an equally virtuous new cycle without its greatest builder. Stephen Curry is still there, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Steve Kerr are not gone yet. It now remains to be seen whether it is on this foundation that the Californian’s successor really wants to work. The challenge is colossal when the machine has never seemed so weakened for an eternity…

In recent hours, the names of Mike Dunleavy Jr and Kirk Lacob, two of the leader’s most loyal associates, have come back with insistence to succeed him. But what about the future of Bob Myers? “It’s not a retreat. It’s just that he momentarily leaves the big stage“, announces Brian Windhorst. A psychologically refreshed Bob Myers arouses the envy of the 29 other teams in the league, it is undeniable. The architect however deserved a little rest before tackling his new site.

Bob Myers hugs Stephen Curry after Curry’s historic performance in Game 7 of the first round against the Sacramento Kings in April 2023.

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