Why did France 2 move to this small town in Loire-Atlantique?

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This visit to the town hall will be broadcast in the next episode of the Feuilleton des Français, on Sunday at 1:15 p.m. ©Patricia BIGOT

If the France 2 cameras made the trip to Batz-sur-Mer (Loire-Atlantique)it is above all to follow the sporting course of Milena Surreau, young Para badminton athlete.

The young woman preparing her qualification for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games is also salt marsh marsh from the community.

Before her departure for Canada, she came to sign at the town hall the partnership agreement which binds her with the City of Batz-sur-Mer (voted at the municipal council on May 15) which sees her as an ambassador for the town.

Promote Batz and salt

It’s a win-win deal. We help her financially and in return, Milena talks about our territory, the job of salt worker…

Marie-Catherine Lehuédé, Mayor of Batz-sur-Mer

And in fact, this is what she has been doing regularly since her qualification course without it costing her:

I grew up here. So it’s easy for me to talk about it. And that’s close to my heart!

Milena Surreau, top athlete in badminton and salt marshes

As proof, in the French soap opera broadcast on Sundays at 1:15 p.m., on France 2, it is followed everywhere in its journey even in its saltworks…

The cameras were therefore present for this signing.

The opportunity to take stock, with the elected representatives present, Michel Kerdoncuff, assistant delegate for finance and Eric Moulié, assistant for associations on the course of the young sportswoman with a disability.

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5th out of 6 in the list of qualifiers

The young woman suffers from spastic paraparesisan orphan disease that weakens the lower limbs and autistic disorders.

Integrated in theFrance Para badminton teamMilena is today 10e world player and 5e of the 6 players in these qualifications.

And to get a place at the Paris 2024 Olympics, Milena accumulates round trips to play in a club in Rennes against para-badminton players, and participate in many tournaments.

Soon in Canada

Back from Brazil and Bahrain where she faced the world number 1 without “bringing back a lot of points”, she will fly to Canada in a few days, “with confidence and a good level of play”, then it will be time to join England and the European Championships in the Netherlands.

Indispensable sponsors

All these trips are expensive and can be made possible thanks to partnerships such as that of Batz (the badminton federation finances half of the costs, the other partners are among others the Department of Loire-Atlantiquel’Regional Sports Agencythe Le Guérandais cooperative…).

The Saint-Molf badminton club where Milena plays has put a online kitty and it is he who will manage the 2000 euros allocated by the municipality.

This sum allows her to be accompanied by her mother in Canada and “thus to think only of the field, to be concentrated on her matches”.

Replaced on its saltworks

As for its saltworks, an employee comes to replace it in June, and another will be there in August.

It’s a big challenge to find someone to take care of my 24 carnations in the middle of the season… Fortunately, social networks and media coverage help.

Milena Surreau

And the road is still long to reach the end of the qualifications: it is only in May 2024. By then, we will have heard a lot about Batz!

The colors of Batz will be worn by Mylena Surreau, in exchange for aid of €2,000 to help her qualify for the games.
The colors of Batz will be worn by Mylena Surreau, in exchange for a grant of €2,000 to help her qualify for the games ©Patricia BIGOT

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