What was the injury you suffered in the Roland Garros semifinal?


The Spaniard had to retire to the bench after an ugly gesture in the third set, forcing him to hand the points over to Djokovic

Alcaraz is treated after injuring himself in Paris Reuters


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In the middle of the game of the year, with the swords of Alcaraz and Djokovic in style, Philippe-Chatrier fell silent. After a powerful serve from the Serbian, the Spanish, number one in the world, made an ugly gesture with his left leg while trying to subtract.

His joint seemed to jam, stiff as an oak. The Murcian quickly asked for medical assistance because the sensations were not good. Even Djokovic He lowered the heat of the battle to go check on his fellow professional.

Already on the bench, a masseur began to massage Alcaraz’s quadriceps, but it was the referee’s warning that angered the stands in Paris, with a large Spanish representation. The tennis player had lost the third game immediately.

Although it may take you by surprise, it is stipulated by the ATP that if a player asks for medical assistance before changing lanes, he must give the game to his rival, without any kind of nuance or protest, since the rule has been in force for approximately twenty years. “I know, but it’s too early to retire,” he said. And so it was, he kept playing.

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