We recovered our identity and awakened a hobby, rescues Hierro

Juan Manuel Vazquez

Newspaper La Jornada
Thursday June 1, 2023, p. a10

When the defeat is dramatized and definitive explanations are sought in the coldness of a result, reality has a contrast in black and white, the nuances are lost, explains the Spanish Fernando Hierro, sports director of Chivas just a couple of days after the defeat in the final against Tigres of the UANL.

We wanted everyone to wake up, the team and the fans. We did itHe says measuredly, but without omitting the obvious, that losing a final hurt them as you can imagine.

We tend to dramatize defeatcontinues Iron, but nothing is black and white, there are nuances. We must understand that this is soccer and not mathematics.

On the contrary, faced with what can no longer be changed, Hierro is committed to finding meaning in what they have achieved in these six months that they have lived in the tournament that has just ended. And from that he remembers the emotion that spread to his fans, in the atmosphere that an entire city experienced and that spread to his followers throughout the country, that is what the rojiblanco manager finds as part of his successes at the club.

We wanted to see our stadium full, the city overflowing, our fans from other parts pending, and we got itpoints; The most important thing is to have an identity and we show that this is part of the meaning of Chivas.

A gesture revealed it. When the game ended, while they awarded Tigres as champions of the Clausura 2023 tournament, the rojiblancos players remained on the field as a sign of respect for the winners.

That was not anyone’s decision. We are an entity that has a very clear meaning of what we stand for. Remaining was part of a message and it also meant that we had been very close to winning. And because soccer is like that, nobody has enemiespoints out.

To go deeper into this ethics of HerdHierro anticipates that for the next season each team that visits them to play at the Akron stadium will receive an invitation to have lunch or dinner the day before the game.

The part of digesting the defeat is in process. He compares it to mourning and as such it must be carried out with an eye on the future. The good and bad thing that a short tournament can have is that everything happens very quickly, both the wins and the losses and the following month we will be preparing a new seasonexposes.

If the names begin to sprout as bets to correct what was not done in the past, that seems natural to him in this profession and every time a season ends. Of course, he admits that the soccer market in Mexico is not easy.

It is true, the domestic market is not easy. It is very expensive and what is valued in Europe is one thing and what happens here is another, but those decisions are made by the clubs.

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