“We have to be happy but we can’t lose 21 balls”

The coach of the Barça, Sarun Jasikeviciuswas satisfied with the victory achieved this Friday on the track of the Valencia Basket qthat qualifies them for the semifinals except for the losses they had, which they said they cannot repeat against the Malaga team.

“We have to be very happy with everything except the losses. We have not been able to value each possession and each ball but when we have done so we have found the best solutions and the right guys, we have been much better in defense than in the first game”, pointed out the coach who congratulated his team and thanked the displacement of followers to Valencia.

The Lithuanian said that Unicaja has shown its level this season. “He has won the Copahas gotten into the Final Four of the Champions and has clearly outperformed Tenerife. You have to be very careful with your counterattack. We cannot lose 21 balls, because if it is not the best it is one of the three best teams to punish those losses ”, he concluded.

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2023-06-02 21:14:15
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