TV slip-up in the Hurkacz match. A wave of criticism falls on the station. They had to apologize to Tennis

Hubert Hurkacz’s clash with the Dutchman lasted almost five hours. The Pole had problems with maintaining an even form in this meeting, which meant that it was necessary to play as many as five sets. He finally won after an exhausting match 6:3, 5:7, 6:7, 7:6, 6:4. His previous clash at Roland Garros also lasted as many as five sets, although then the match lasted a little less, because less than four hours.

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Eurosport’s big slip-up during the Hurkacz match. The TV apologized to the fans

And in this emotional match that fans faithfully watched for almost five hours… they failed to see the decisive game. Eurosport, which broadcast the match for Polish fans, experienced technical problems. The broadcast was only resumed after the game ended. Of course, then the fans already knew the result and could only see the last game of the replay.

Immediately after the meeting, the TV station decided to apologize to the viewers on its social media. “We have problems, Hubert has problems, but there is another round. And we apologize for the technical problems,” we can read in the post published on Twitter.

The wave of criticism falls on Eurosport. Fans are furious with TV

Many fans, however, were not convinced by the apology. Most of the comments under the apology post are, at Eurosport’s best, derisive. Some also contain profanity.

“I’m running from work, I followed the score all the way, I think I’ll watch the last game. Breathless, I turn on the TV and here’s a slideshow,” writes one of the nervous fans. “Eggs in the last MOST IMPORTANT game, but at least the commentators saw it, because the rest saw the ads” – another commenter is indignant.

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Jakub Seweryn, a journalist at, did not hide his irritation. “Yes, Eurosport, that’s why I watched this match for 4 hours and 40 minutes, so that the broadcast would sit down to the last game” – wrote the journalist.

Hubert Hurkacz will play the next match on Friday. His rival will be Peruvian Juan Pablo Varillas. TV broadcast on Eurosport. This time, hopefully, fans will watch the match in its entirety live. We also invite you to the report in and in our application.

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