Türkiye became the champion by beating the USA in the final

In the final match of the tournament held in Yalova 90. Yıl Sports Hall, the USA and Turkey, the world champions in the last 2 Paralympic games, shared their trump card. The first period of the match ended with the USA’s 14-12 superiority. At the end of the head-to-head fight in the second period, the USA stepped forward with a score of 29-28.

While the balance of the game did not deteriorate in the third period, the USA managed to lead 51-50 in the last period by 1 point.

In the last quarter where a great struggle was put forward, the Turkish National Team played a more effective game against its opponent. Türkiye won the match 72-68 and was the team that lifted the first trophy. Turkey received the championship trophy from the hand of the President of the Turkish Physically Handicapped Sports Federation, Alparslan Erkoç.
Losing to Turkey, the USA placed second in the tournament. On the other hand, Australia, which defeated Japan, finished the tournament in 3rd place.

Alparslan Erkoç: “Trust us, very good days are waiting for us”

Making a statement at the end of the match, Federation President Alparslan Erkoç stated that they are happy to be the champion in the intercontinental tournament they organized for the first time in Turkey’s history, and said, “We became the champion in the four-day tournament in Yalova. Our state trusts us, our President also trusts us. With the support of our President, I hope we will be the world champion in the 2024 Paralympic Games to be held in France. We will wave our flag at the Olympics. Trust us, very good days are waiting for us,” he said.

Sedat İncesu: “There is a very serious potential”

Turkey A National Team Coach Sedat İncesu congratulated the players for their success. Incesu stated that the tournament was very productive and said:
“I would also like to thank our President, Alparslan, who gave this chance to this team. We welcomed him to the Presidency with a trophy. We have a long way to go. There is serious potential. We only played with two systems here, but we have absolute faith in them. We work very seriously together. This is team and family business. We started to become a family. Very happy, ambitious, targeted. I believe he will come back.”

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