Transfers are pending on Kolo Muani

GDoes Randal Kolo Muani live or stay? This question will dominate Frankfurt Eintracht throughout the summer until the change is made or the transfer window closes on September 1st. The future of the French national player and the best scorer in the Bundesliga means a lot for Eintracht Frankfurt – both sportingly and financially.

The label of 100 million euros was fairly unanimously attached to the 24-year-old striker by experts, would-be experts and internet portals dealing with transfers in international football. A sum, should it be realised, that would cover half of the budget for the Frankfurt Bundesliga club planned for the 2023/24 season.

Extrapolation stands on solid ground

The calculations of Eintracht CFO Oliver Frankenbach are currently assuming total sales of 210 to 220 million for the coming season, after he reached the 300 million euro mark in the record season that just ended by participating in the Champions League for the first time.

Frankenbach’s plans for 23/24 are based on Kolo Muani staying. The extrapolation is on solid ground, a sale of the coveted center forward is not necessary. But it would be senseless to turn down an offer in the hundreds of millions.

The situation is comparable to that of Filip Kostics a few years ago. The Serbian left winger was highly traded on the internet and his transfer was reported several times. But it took a year and a half before an offer finally came from Juventus, to which Eintracht said yes because they could afford to turn down low offers. It is the same with Kolo Muani.

In contrast to Kostic, the sums rumored for the Bundesliga scorer king – transfer fee and salary – are in other regions. Accurate centre-forwards are now more sought after than left wingers. In addition, the Frenchman is younger than the Serb, so the chance of a lucrative resale for the new club is greater. It is also less likely that Kolo Muanis will stay longer than at Kostic because there are hardly any goalscorers of his class on the market.

Another year with the French would mean an investment for Eintracht. She would have to at least double his meager salary, which was just under 2.5 million euros in a performance comparison, in order to motivate him further, as he could earn many times that elsewhere. That is also calculated.

What will become of Lindstrom and Sow?

If Kolo Muani were kept, however, Jesper Lindstrom and Djibril Sow would have to be sold. Otherwise the investments made so far in new players and a transfer surplus planned in the budget would not be refinanced.

The offensive dribbler Lindström is estimated in the range of 30 million euros plus X, midfield strategist Sow, who is only under contract until 2024, is 15 million euros. The two strikers Rafael Borré and Lucas Alario, who are willing to change, could still bring in a transfer fee, but in the single-digit million range.


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