throwing objects onto the field, the moment in which Biraghi- Corriere TV is hit on the head

The Conference League final marked by the bad episode. Game stopped for a couple of minutes

Objects rained from the stands onto the pitch in the first half of the match Conference League Final between Fiorentina and West Ham. It was at the expense of it Biraghi, hit on the head in the 33rd minute before kicking a corner. purple captain, bleedinghe turned towards the stands applauding polemically after the bad episode.

The purple player was forced to be treated by the medical staff who had to wrap his head in a “turban”. The referee suspended the match for a couple of minutes while the stadium announcer invited the fans not to throw any more objects. (Credit: Dazn images)

June 7, 2023 – Updated June 7, 2023 , 11:21 pm


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