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Gabri Veigasella the permanence of Celta

04 jun 2023 . Updated at 11:03 p.m.

Celta sealed a permanence that seemed sentenced recently with more suffering than necessary, but on a memorable night. Gabri Veiga, the child prodigy who became a footballing man this season, is now also a hero while there is speculation about his departure for a spectacular double to knock out Barcelona 2-1 in a Balados to burst.

The midfielder from O Porrio scored the first on an arrival from behind after a recovery from Beltrán and a pass from Seferovic and brought delirium to the stands with a cross-kick that made a beautiful parable to surprise Iaki Pea, who had just entered to replace Ter Stegen.

A header from Ansu Fati filled the last few minutes with tension, with the fans and the bench pending what was happening in other fields. Celta resisted and the other results no longer mattered; The people from Vigo will complete their centenary in the First Division and will celebrate twelve consecutive seasons in the category.


Celta continues in First Division

It’s over Celta won 2-1 against Barcelona with a brace from Gabri Veiga and sealed their permanence.

Min 96

Yellow to Tapia

The Peruvian saw the card. last moments of tension

Min 93

Now Carles Pérez had it

Good transition for Celta, who are conceding very little. Carles Pérez finished it off, but his left foot was comfortable for Pea.

Min 90

Six added time

Min 88

Physical Ailments for Fran Beltrn

The Madrid midfielder is being treated.

Min 82

There is still danger of relegation

They await a few last minutes of maximum tension in Balados. If Barcelona completes the comeback, Celta will go down with a three-way tie to 40 points with Valladolid (who draw 0-0 with Getafe) and Almera (who lose 3-2 against Espanyol).

Min 81

Amarilla to Franco Cervi

The Argentine raised his heels too high on a divided ball that Gavi went looking for with his head.

Min 79

Goal by Ansu Fati

Barcelona scores the 2-1 on a header from Ansu Fati after a measured cross from Dembel.

Min 77

Weather for Iago Aspas

He warned that he would play, even if it was in a wheelchair, and he will do so substituting for Seferovic in these last 13 minutes of the season. With a loud applause, 10 joins the permanence party.

Min 65

This is how Gabri’s second goal was experienced

Min 72

Another change of the Barcelona

The young Pablo Torre enters for Eric Garcia.

Min 70

Double change in Celta

Enter Renato Tapia and Franco Cervi. Luca de la Torre and the one who points to the hero of this permanence, Gabri Veiga, acclaimed by Balados, leave.

Min 65


Celta makes it 2-0 in a work of art by Gabri Veiga. Transition by Carles Prez and the youth player receives on the right wing and, when it seemed that he was looking for the center, he surpassed Iaki Pea with a beautiful parable.

Min 62

The Brazilian saw the second yellow card of the game just before being substituted for a tackle from behind on Javi Galn.

Min 62

Triple change in Barcelona

Iaki Pea, Ansu Fati and Dembel are in; Ter Stegen, Raphinha and Ferran Torres are leaving.

Min 55

Yellow card to Ferran Torres

The winger who sees the first yellow card of the game for a hard tackle on Gabri Veiga. He touched the ball, but it was very strong and took the man from O Porrio ahead.

Min 50

Change in the relegation zone

Espanyol scored 2-1 against Almera that would send the Andalusians to Segunda. With 40 points, they are equal with Valladolid, but their goalscoring hurts them. With 43, Celta, calm, for the moment.

Min 46

Gift by Christensen

The second half is going to start with a change at Barcelona. Gavi enters for Christensen and Eric Garcia moves to the center of defense.


This is how Gabri Veiga’s goal in Balados is


Good first part of Celtic

The prize was found near the break by a Gabri Veiga who is once again showing his best level and has been a constant nuisance for Barcelona. After a good entry into the Celta game, the culs felt more comfortable for many minutes. A disallowed goal for each team; Scar’s, in a rejection by Ter Stegen from a shot by Luca de la Torre, very clear; somewhat tighter was Kessie’s.

Min 45

at rest

After two added, we go to rest with this Celta 1-0 Barcelona. Gabri Veiga’s tenth goal will serve to reach 43 points and seal the permanence.

Min 41

Goooooal by Gabri Veiga

Celta’s goal arrived. Gabriel Veiga. Celta recovered on top, Seferovic saw it and the youth player came from behind and beat Ter Stegen with a good right cross.

Min 40

Stale Lewandowski!

Now Barcelona is very close to the goal, more comfortable in the last minutes. Lewandowski received in the left-handed profile and put it with a thread to the long stick. I licked the post.

Min 37

Very close to goal scar

Good arrival of the light blue 5, which was a very biting hit, but close to the post, a drop shot from Luca de la Torre after a cross from Carles Prez from the right.

Min 30

C. Tangana in the stands

Min 26

Very individualistic Carles Prez

The Celta winger mounted the counterattack, but shot from far away when he had several teammates accompanying him in superiority. In the reply, Kessie heads too much across the center of Lewandowski. The game in Balados is beautiful.

Min 25

Firm Ivn Villar

The Aldn goalkeeper sends Kessi’s shot to corner, who left Carlos.

Min 22

Seferovic’s very soft header

Galn reached the bottom line and hung the ball for Seferovic to rise above Christensen, but his header was very easy for Ter Stegen.

Min 20

This was the disallowed goal for Kessie

Min 15

Marker does not move

Celta entered the game better, but already had a good scare in the disallowed goal.

For the moment, it will continue out of relegation and Real Valladolid will go down. There have only been goals in Betis 1-0 Valencia, Elche 0-1 Cdiz and Espanyol 1-1 Almera.

Min 13

Try it again Gabri Veiga

The Celta youth squad is very active. Celta recovered on a pass from Christensen, Seferovic looked for O Porrio’s and he tried the shot with his left foot, although he found Ter Stegen safe to save the ball.

Min 11


Indeed, the Barcelona midfielder was ahead of Carlos Domnguez.

Min 11

Gol de Kessie

It may be offside. Kessie finishes off a single shot from Lewandowski very alone inside the area

Min 7

Lateral free kick without danger of scar

Carles Pérez forced a good free kick in a slalom, but Scar Rodríguez hit a wide miss. He stayed halfway between the center and the shot.

Min 1

Good news from Villamarn

There was already a goal at Benito Villamarn, one of the candidates for relegation falls. Betis’s 1-0 win over Valencia leaves Los Che with 41 points, the same as Celta with the draw at Balados, although the goalscoring is unfavorable to the Galicians.

Min 3

First opportunity for Gabri Veiga

Ter Stegen, with difficulties, stopped Gabri Veiga’s shot in two stages after a good transition from the sky-blues. Carvalhal’s team has started firmly.


A minute of silence was observed for Rivera

A minute of silence was observed on the death of the former Celta Rivera player.


The match begins in Balados

First possession for Celta.


Everything on point

They are already the anthem sung by a crowded stands, Balados roars and the ball is about to roll. Celta, for permanence.


15 minutes to start

Everything on point. 15 minutes before the start of Celta-Barcelona, ​​with thousands of Celtic fans pushing from the stands and many more from afar. From Viveiro, for example, the 800-meter European champion athlete, Adrin Ben, does it:


Half an hour for the ball to roll


Premiere on Marker

Just over half an hour to start a match in which the Marcador stand will finally be released.


Brutal atmosphere in the vicinity of Balados


One hour to the game

An hour before the game, here we leave you the accounts for Celta’s permanence. The forgetful picture is maintained in 33 of the 42 possible cases:

Celta, saved in 33 of 42 cases



Alignment of the Barcelona


Celtic arrives at Balados!


Barcelona arrives at Balados

The Barcelona bus arrived in Balados to the whistles of the local fans:


fans respond

Celticism has responded and is willing to carry the team:


El celtismo already roars

Celticism is already roaring in the vicinity of Balados almost two hours before the start of the game. The fans prepare the welcome to the team. You can follow him with us on the Grada de Ro social networks:

After a disastrous final streak, Celta risks remaining at all or nothing against the champion. Barcelona’s visit to Balados (21 hours, DAZN) has become a final for Carlos Carvalhal’s team, who added a single point in the last six days. To complete his twelfth consecutive year in the highest category, he must win or wait for results. If they lose, only the defeat of Real Valladolid on Getafe’s visit would allow them to meet their objective and with a draw they would also have to expect favors in other fields.

The final that puts Celta’s project at stake

X. R. C.

With the baja de Joseph Aidoo in the center of the rear and doubts about the physical state of Fran Beltrán and, especially, Iago Aspasthe Vigus club will try to prevail over a Barcelona that has already had the League title secured for weeks, but decided to compete after the recent blow at the José Zorrilla.

Celticism does its part again


To beat the champion, the fans will try to add from before the start of the game with a massive welcome to the team. The highly anticipated opening of the Marcador stand will also allow us to see the best entry in a long time in a Balados team that wants to push Celta to complete its centenary in the First Division.

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