They reiterate that the head of Conade appear before deputies

Mexico City, Mexico, June 8, 2023. The president of the Sports Commission, deputy María José Alcalá Izguerra (PVEM), reported that the invitation to the general director of the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sport (Conade) will be reiterated. , Ana Gabriela Guevara Espinoza, to report on her activities, in addition to addressing how to improve the law and strengthen work in favor of Mexican athletes and their coaches.

He explained that previously an invitation had been issued to the official and a date was set, but the agendas were complicated, so a meeting will be requested again to discuss all the situations and answer the questions that the legislators.

During a regular meeting, the legislator presented the status of Mexico’s participation in the San Salvador 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games, for which a delegation of 649 athletes will be sent to compete in 37 sports and 52 disciplines.

He explained that there were differences and complications to have resources, but “the two institutions that must join efforts to register the delegation succeeded, and the Federal Government through Conade will grant 51 million pesos for plane tickets, lodging, food, uniforms and parade, transfer of material and equestrian, sailing, canoeing and rowing equipment, doctors and physiotherapists in both venues where the sports fair will take place”.

It is the largest delegation, it is predicted that “they will bring between 90 and 110 gold medals, and they will try to repeat the feat of Barranquilla, Colombia, to once again be champions of the Central American Games. The competition is not easy, because it will be against strong countries, but we will make a great effort”, emphasized the Olympic medalist.

He recognized the willingness to dialogue to achieve the most important thing: that the athletes represent us in the disciplines of the Central American Games, such as open water, athletics, badminton, handball, baseball, bowling, boxing, mountain biking, equestrian, field hockey , judo, swimming, artistic swimming, water polo, tennis, archery, shotgun, rifle and pistol, triathlon, sailing, beach volleyball, modern pentathlon, canoeing and tae kwon do, among others.

It is a job of great performance and willingness so that all the athletes who have the possibility of being there do so and none is left out. “We all had the willingness to achieve it and I recognize the SEP and the Conade,” he emphasized.

They will be inaugurated on June 23, with which the Olympic cycle begins, and will end on July 8. Subsequently, the athletes will continue their preparation for the Pan American Games, to which they plan to bring a delegation of 1,026 people.

Deputies and deputies recognize delegation that will attend
Deputy Erika Vanessa Del Castillo Ibarra (Morena) applauded this achievement in favor of the athletes who are going to represent the country with dignity, and recognized the president of the Commission and the institutions responsible for sports in Mexico for their efforts.

Sonia Murillo Manríquez, PAN deputy, highlighted the work of each of the 649 athletes who will go to the San Salvador 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games, in 37 sports and 52 disciplines.

Deputy Carlos Iriarte Mercado (PRI) indicated that the Commission must be attentive to the fact that the athletes arrive at the competitions with the clothing and equipment, and in each of the budget issues. “We must prevent athletes from being distracted by bickering; we must be facilitators and sensitize the authorities involved”.

For the PAN, the deputy Rommel Aghmed Pacheco Marrufo congratulated himself on the effort and fight in favor of the athletes. “Let us continue to be involved in these issues as deputies to continue promoting the budget in sport. My solidarity and support for the delegation that is going to the Central American Games”.

Deputy Alan Castellanos Ramírez (PRI) expressed that the appearance of the director of the Conade, Ana Gabriela Guevara Espinoza, is required “because it is not a favor to allocate the resources, it is part of her responsibility, as well as accountability; We’ve been asking for this for two years. The Commission cannot be omissive and we must be open to communication channels and dialogue”.

Olga Juliana Elizondo Guerra, deputy from Morena, applauded the actions of the president of the Sports Commission in favor of the body of athletes who are going to represent Mexico. She proposed that the federations abide by the operating rules in terms of transparency and clarify what they have not verified for a better dispersion of resources.

The deputy Reyna Celeste Ascencio Ortega (Morena) asked if an invitation has been sent to the general director of the Conade to come before this legislative instance and make known all the activities that she has carried out. “I reiterate my congratulations to the athletes who will represent us.”

Andrés Pintos Caballero, deputy of MC, congratulated the athletes who will represent Mexico in the Central American Games, but “they should not be worried if they receive the scholarships or their teams.”

From Morena, the deputy Catalina Díaz Vilchis wished the best of success to the athletes who will attend the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023. “That they bring all the medals they can obtain, they prepared very well. Mexico has good athletes and I wish them luck”.

Yeimi Yazmín Aguilar Cifuentes, PRI deputy, joined the call for the head of Conade to appear, since we need transparency for the benefit of Mexican athletes. “Our appreciation to those who will represent us in the Central American Games and to the president of the Sports Commission for her efforts.”

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