the vibrant clip of Portugal to celebrate its qualification for the World Cup

The women’s selection of Portugal will play the first World Cup in its history and, to mark the occasion, published a clip full of emotions.

It is a rather poignant clip that the Portuguese selection broadcast in partnership with the Lusitanian bank BPI bank in view of the 2023 Women’s World Cup (July 20 to August 20) which will see the Iberian team at work in such a competition for the first time.

The clip features a couple who are expecting a child and in which the father desperately hopes for a boy to see him, growing up, playing football. The story is quite different and it is a girl who is born. Passionate about football from an early age, she took a path that led her to become a professional then to join the national team and score the crucial goal that qualified hers for the World Cup.

Over the course of the clip, the father, initially limited, evolves his vision of things until he becomes the first supporter of his daughter, who has become a national hero. This is how the Portuguese selection wanted to put images of its first participation in the World Cup, in a country where the men’s team occupies the monopoly of media interest.


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