The two UEFA inspectors conclude that Barça must be sanctioned without the Champions League

The consequences of Negreira case They can be very serious for Barcelona, ​​which faces an exemplary sanction by UEFA, which could leave it out of the Champions League this coming season. Aleksander Ceferin already has the reports made by the two inspectors from the ethics and discipline department of the European body. As ABC has been able to learn from sources close to UEFA, the conclusions reached by Jean Samuel Leuba and Mirjam Koller are in favor of sanctioning the Barça team for one year. especially hard It is the report of the Swiss inspector, who sees signs of activity aimed at organizing or influencing the outcome of the matches played by the Barça team. These conclusions come after UEFA announced on March 23 the opening of an investigation into the possible violation of the legal framework of the body that governs European football by Barcelona.

Now the president of UEFA, Alexander Ceferin, is in a dilemma. The manager has two options. Either pay attention to the report of the two inspectors of him and sanction Barcelona or open a disciplinary file and wait for the resolution of the Spanish Courts. It must be taken into account that the Catalan club is immersed in criminal proceedings for the payment of €7.5 million between 2001 and 2018 the former referee and then vice president of the CTA, José María Enríquez Negreira. Ceferin is aware that if he excludes Barcelona from playing in the Champions League next season and finally justice does not blame the Barça club, he would have to face a million-dollar lawsuit. As this newspaper has been able to learn from Barça club sources, Laporta has already informed the European leader that the club estimates €100 million the amount they could claim.

Also, there is another factor. In the meeting that Ceferin and Laporta held on April 23, the Catalan leader confessed his intention to sign Leo Messi, which would be a stimulus for UEFA given the possibility that the Argentine could go to the Saudi league or to the United States. Having the best player in the world is always a prestige for the competition and a magnet for investors and sponsors. If the arrival of the man from Rosario at Barça came to nothing, the Slovenian leader would have his hands a little freer when it came to executing a penalty.

Registration granted by sports law

At this point, it must be taken into account that Barcelona has been granted registration for the next edition of the Champions League by legitimate right, having won the Spanish league, which allows it to qualify in the sports field, but UEFA can veto a team in a justified way, for example if there is a sports sanction. At the meeting on April 23, Ceferin assured Laporta that without a conviction he would not act against the interests of Barcelona, ​​but then he had not yet received the reports from the two inspectors, who are resounding in their conclusions.

It should be borne in mind that the two inspectors appointed to prepare these reports have extensive backgrounds in disciplinary matters. John Samuel Leuba He was already appointed to investigate the European Super League project. Then, UEFA opened a procedure against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, in May 2021, as now in accordance with article 31.4 of the Ethics and Disciplinary regulation, but three weeks later it temporarily suspended the procedure. Miriam KollerFor his part, he led the UEFA investigation that concluded in 2018 with the expulsion of the six-time Albanian champion, KF Skënderbeu, from all European football competitions for ten years and a fine of one million euros for manipulating the result. of more than 50 parties.

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