The two brothers crowned with gold

Coming from a family of sportsmen, the Aubazinois Jorys and Corentin Bonjean, are both French archery champions, after only two years of practice. A great feat.

Jorys joins Creps

After three months of practice, Jorys, 14, qualified for the French championship. Trained by Éric Delanoy, from La compagnie des archers, in Brive, he won his first national medal in 2022. Spotted by the regional technical adviser, he joined the Nouvelle-Aquitaine league this season and followed all the courses provided. On May 22, he received a favorable opinion for his entry to Creps in Nantes, antechamber for high-level athletes.

Corentin in the wake

Corentin, 11, has followed in the footsteps of his big brother, both in the practice of archery and in performance: regional champion in 2022 and French champion in 2023. Educated at Bossuet college, he also practices hockey on ice, another of his passions.

The human and sporting adventure of these two athletes has attracted many partners, a valuable support for the family.

A family of athletes

Nathan, 13, exercises his talents in judo. Brown belt, it appears in 3 e position on the New Aquitaine list in minims – 50 kg. He also studied at the Bossuet college. Elora, 6 years old, plays ice hockey, while Lilwen, 3 years old, should do the same at the start of the school year.

For their parents, Laurianne and Patrice, education is done through sport.

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