The sexitano Custo García is proclaimed provincial champion in mixed doubles of Badminton and absolute runner-up individual and double masculine

His son Custo García also reigns in the province in the sub 11 and sub 13 categories

The sexitanos Custo García, father and son, rule the Badminton Provincial Circuit of Granada. This was demonstrated in the day that put the finishing touch to the 2022 / 2023 circuit that was held in the municipal pavilion of Las Gabias.

“Custo Hijo continues to reign in the sub11 and sub13 categories. Very meritorious also taking into account that in sub13 he faced rivals up to two years older than him. And Custo García Sr. was on the podium up to three times, being champion in mixed doubles, and runner-up in singles and men’s doubles”, according to the coordinator of the Almuñécar Badminton Club Rafael Marín, who is already preparing the next season “with the objective to repeat the successes of this new sports school that is based in the IES Puerta del Mar pavilion in Almuñécar” indicated Marín

2023-06-06 20:57:55
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