“The greatest I’ve ever coached.” The tears of Tonali-

Of Paul Foschi

A lot of emotion in Milan after the last round of the championship: at the end of the match, the big party for Ibra

“I coached a sample, the greatest I coached, I’m very sad. I understand that it was not easy, so sorry and certainly Zlatan he was a point of reference for me and for the team»: this is the comment by Stefano Piolicoach of Milan, following the news of the
goodbye to Ibrahi’s football
. «I knew I was dealing with a high-level person who always says what he thinks, sometimes I spoke little and listened a lot, sometimes we even discussed-continued thecoach of Milan -. But Zlatan has a great personality, there have been important situations, but everything has been very nice. On the field we were very moved. Some time ago he was not seen as a coach, but whatever he decides to do he will do well, because he has too many qualities ».

«Ibra’s farewell to football? Most discovered it yesterday, it wasn’t easy to prepare mentally, then there was a game in the middle to play” he said instead Sandro Tonali, a Rossoneri player who seemed particularly moved at the end of the last game of the championship. «After the race – he said – we let ourselves go. It wasn’t easy, I saw so many people crying tonight. They are images that I will certainly look at, they always have a certain effect. He hadn’t told us, this was the hardest thing since match. We didn’t prepare and maybe it was better. In the moments when she trained with us, she really gave us so much energy. He is a special player ».

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