The ‘Dragons Camoens’, a united team and a true family

He Club Baloncesto Camoens from Ceuta in the month of May attended and played a great role in the Championship of Spain of basketball clubs, which was held in the Cadiz town of San Fernando.

The cadet male basketball team stood up to all its rivals and they finished with very good feelings regardless of the final results. It is interesting and noteworthy to highlight the presence of a basketball team from a Public Institute such as the I.E.S. Camoens de Ceuta among the best teams in Spain. It is not usual and it is a great pride for us to represent our Institute and Autonomous City at a national level.

The first match that the ‘Dragons Camoens’ played was against CD Don Bosco where the team from Ceuta were defeated 53-95. Despite the result, the people from Ceuta showed their faces at all times, especially until the middle of the match where they showed all their qualities. Of course, the nerves were noticed in the mackerel players, especially against such high-level rivals.

Don Bosco demonstrated its high level of competition by reaching the round of 16 of the Spanish Club Championship.

Already in the second day, the ‘Dragons Camoens’ saw their faces with the Galician team, Cafes Candelas Ensino and the mackerel fell 29-92. The Galicians came out at a very strong level and showed great superiority at all times, leaving no option for the Dragons to react.

The third game, and last of the group, the Ceuta faced Cantbasket04 and lost 81-52. The mackerels maintained an even score until the third quarter. Even in partials he was able to win the third quarter. It was possible to dream until the fourth period where physical fatigue and experience in high competition made the Cantabrian team win.

Three defeats in three games but that does not tarnish at all the good championship they have had since it was a very demanding Nacional.

According to his coach: “This same Dragons Camoens team has been the local champion of the Ceuta regional league; and second in their group in the Cádiz league, group B, having options to reach the playoffs until the Ceuta Federation opted to withdraw from it due to factors beyond our control.

They also wanted to thank the Andalusian Basketball Federation for “allowing us to play their Cádiz league, since thanks to this the local teams play a greater number of games against unknown rivals and of very different levels, thus denoting an improvement in the game, Incredible player growth and development.”

Thanks to being champions of the local league, the Camoens Club can opt for the Spanish Club Championship; For this reason, after a masterful season and the attitude of some players “one of a kind is why I am super proud of them; Regardless of the results in the national championship, they have broken their faces in each game giving their all, never giving up against superior rivals in physique and other technical and tactical aspects ”, he adds.

From CB Camoens “we do not give up on the effort to instill in the players, apart from a healthy life with the performance of a sporting activity and a healthy life, and we also intend to increase their quality as people in other aspects by adding work on values ​​such as friendship, camaraderie, non-violent competitiveness”.

“This team is very special since it has been achieved with them that they have an experience of this group as something more than a sports team; They have managed to live this experience as a family, the Dragons family”, Lima pointed out.

The Dragons Camoens example of Fair Play

As a maximum example of the above, he lived it in the third game against Cantbasket, being congratulated by all those present for what happened and it perfectly exemplifies the values ​​worked on by the triangle fathers/mothers, coach, players… In a counterattack play, there was a clash between a Cantbasket player and ours Daniel Dhanwani. The other player fell to the ground, leaving the ball on the ground, our player being able to take the ball and continue the counterattack. “It doesn’t matter that we were in a Spanish championship, that the score was even. Daniel forgot about the ball and quickly assisted the player who remained on the ground. All the attendees could only applaud the Dragons’ decision and congratulate attitudes like this where not everything goes to win ”, he continues.

For his coach, he was very proud and worthy of mention as an example of Fair Play. “Of course I congratulated my player for such an action: we will not be Spanish basketball champions but we will be an example of being good athletes and good people wherever we go.”

The players who were in the tournament were: Maher Abdeselam, Germán Castejón, Ignacio De Lima, Daniel Dhanwani, Airam González, Mario López, Nusair Mohamed, Tarek Mohamed, Naufal Mohamed, Miguel Ángel Ragel and Javier Torres. All of them were accompanied by technicians Eduardo Benítez and Ignacio De Lima. All of them without forgetting Daniel Luzuriaga, who was unable to attend the event but is an important part of the team.

In order to cover the expenses of the Spanish Championship, since they are not subsidized; the Club and the parents were obliged to make a great effort to cover all the expenses. There was even a raffle with ticket sales where a Tablet valued at more than 200 euros was finally delivered to our winner: Toñi; “From here we also want to thank all the participants and collaborators who made our journey in San Fernando possible,” they point out.

Nacho De Lima stops being coach of the ‘Dragons Camoens’

On the other hand, Nacho Lima says goodbye to this team after 6 years coaching them. “It has been six years full of unforgettable experiences, I caught them in minibasketball and since then we have had a multitude of sensations and emotions, we have laughed and even cried together, we have had incorporations but we have also had losses of loved ones; we have learned a lot together from each other; thanks to them I have gotten as far as we have. Since they were little I promised to take them to play in the Cádiz league and even go to a Spanish Championship. It seems that the promise was mine but it was really the other way around; They have been the ones who have made this dream possible, with their effort, commitment, full dedication and giving up a lot, both fathers/mothers and players, demonstrating a full commitment to the team. I only have words of gratitude to those fathers / mothers and players who have given everything for this team, the Club and for me ”, he points out.

“I also have to thank my daughter and second coach for her work over the years: Daniela De Lima, who could not come to the national championship due to her studies but who has been fundamental throughout the history of this team. And how not to thank the unconditional work of her to the Delegate of this team in the Cadiz league: Abderrahaman Mohamed. With him everything has been much easier.”

season finale celebration

As the occasion deserved by the Camoens Basketball Club, as a climax to the season and the farewell de Nacho de Lima with this team, we proceeded to organize a fathers/mothers match against players as well as a snack to celebrate a season full of basketball, experiences, experiences, emotions and; growth and development of players as athletes and as people.

It was a very emotional, playful and special day where various gifts were exchanged among those present. Family day as usual in ‘the Dragons’ as both family members and players already proclaim themselves.

“I have finished a stage with you but as you know you will always have me as a coach, friend and of course as part of your Dragons Camoens family”.

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