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▲ Javier Vasco Aguirre, who refused to lead América, indicated that he expects more achievements with Mallorca.Foto @rcdmallorcaoficial


women’s soccer grows like foam. Six years of the Women’s Mx League have been enough to show that the Mexican Soccer Federation was carrying a tremendous debt; It was a matter of timidly opening the tap –even with the fears and prejudices of several leaders– so that the previously called weaker sex in the fields of the whole country, today already with important achievements.

In the Dominican Republic, the Under-20s won the ticket to the 2024 World Cup with honors. It was not easy to beat the powers and favorites the United States and Canada in emotional matches. After giving an account of those with the maple leaf, and already with the pass in hand, they faced the neighbors to the north without complexes. The three teams will represent Concacaf, but this time with the Tri to the head. Meanwhile, Ana Laura Galindo (37 years old, CDMX) confirmed herself as the most successful Mexican strategist in recent times.

Another front monopolizes reflectors. In the first leg of the final between Pachuca and América, the Hidalguense board refreshed the figure of Alicia Skin Vargas, who carried the trophy in contention. She shone in the 1970 Italy and 1971 Mexico World Cups, not recognized by FIFA, and like many others of her generation, she endured verbal attacks. they called them marimachas, fugitives from the metate or they sent them home to wash the dishes. Even managers like Joaquín Badillo (amateur sector) stopped and disdained them.

After the grand entrance into the Hidalgo stadium, the Azteca expects a record influx this Monday to corroborate the acceptance of the women and the unforgivable delay of the federations in marketing that general interest, since it is urgent to pay them all a decent salary… A challenge important to Juan Carlos Bomba Rodríguez and his adviser Ivar Sisniega is to make the league more competitive, the clubs at the bottom of the standings must react, because this has become a matter of just eight teams.

Not all of them lag behind due to lack of economic resources, but rather lack of interest and commitment, like Mazatlán, by Ricardo Salinas. But it is also true that machismo still predominates in several regions of the country, affirms Armando Magaña, from the amateur Liga Mayor Femenil, who reveals cases of parents who remove their daughters from children’s and adolescent teams because soccer it’s a lesbian thing o a ball to the chest can cause cancerso they say.

The federations are reactive and advance dragged by the fierce momentum of them until they are exposed, as is the case with security and harassment protocols. Some time ago, América recorded the express kidnappings of Lucero Cuevas and Esmeralda Verdugo, and the harassment of Scarlett Camberos… No one has sufficiently clarified the situation of Maribel Domínguez, the first Mexican to score a goal in a World Cup, whose dreams as a strategist were left shattered and left her in ignominy.

They took the measure of the Tuzas. The rivals handcuff the duo made up of Jennifer Hermoso and Charlyn Corral, who abuse individual driving; the coach Juan Carlos Cacho tries against the clock to correct that weak point. The yellows are already savoring glory, and what better setting to achieve their second scepter than the arena of Santa Úrsula… A lesson in dignity was given by the Canadian Carmelina Moscato, who resigned from the feline helm after failing to achieve the goal.

The power struggle continues, albeit low profile. Just as Emilio Azcárraga Jean wanted to arrive at the last owners’ meeting in the same car as The bomb Rodríguez, Jesús Martínez Patiño boasts of his closeness with Carlos Slim Helú at every opportunity. Minutes before the start of the first leg of the Concachampions He went out onto the Nou Camp court arm in arm with the tycoon so that everyone would look at his powerful former partner, who has always supported him in his desire to counterbalance.

The board moves with player exchanges everywhere towards the Apertura 2023… His game is stingy for the stands, but Monterrey is trading well and leaves Fox Sport to return to Televisa with a juicy broadcast contract… Javier Vasco Aguirre gave a resounding no to the helm of the Águilas… In a long-suffering way, El Tapatío rose as champion of champions by beating Atlante in the Expansion League, Chivas has a rich vein there, enough to dream again.

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