THE BALL – City dethrone Real, Benfica and FC Porto among the most valuable (Football)

Manchester City is the most valuable club in Europe, according to a study by Football Benchmark, which values ​​citizens at around €4.1 billion. He ascended to the throne for the first time since 2016, the year the first list was published, and dethrones Real Madrid, king for the last four years, which, even so, is the other club valued at more than €4 billion. Benfica and FC Porto are the only representatives of Portugal in the list of the 32 most valuable clubs.

Football Benchmark considers, for the study, the 50 European clubs with the most operating revenues and those occupying the first 50 places in the UEFA ranking. If a club does not meet these criteria, those in the top 30 in social media followings on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Weibo as of 1 January are also considered. The pillars of evaluation are the following: profit, popularity, sporting potential, broadcasting rights and stadium ownership.

City have moved up five places from last year to top spot, the result of record operating revenues and greater sporting potential. The entrepreneurial value of the 32 clubs surpassed pre-Covid figures, to a record €51.7 billion (up 40 percent on the previous year), driven by substantial revenue growth and recent acquisitions. Milan saw the biggest increase in ratings (80 percent).

In addition to the big five leagues – England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France – only Portugal (Benfica and FC Porto) and the Netherlands are represented. Benfica maintains 28th place and FC Porto dropped one position to 30th, valued at €488 million and €461.5 million, respectively, with increases of 49.7 percent and 48.7 percent. Ajax is in 20th place (€633 million).

Compared to last year, Valencia and Galatasaray leave the list and join Wolverhampton and Marseille. Sporting is the only club that has met the requirements since 2016 and has never made it into the top 32 most valuable European clubs.

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