the amazing offer turned down by Alexis Sanchez

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Alexis Sanchez’s future is on everyone’s lips right now. The Chilean striker is indeed coming to the end of his contract with Olympique de Marseille. Pablo Longoria also gave an update on his situation at a press conference. The president of the Marseille club has confirmed that discussions are currently underway to extend the Niño Maravilla. With 18 achievements and 3 assists in 44 appearances in all competitions this season, it must be said that the 34-year-old player has lived a second youth in the Marseille city. And Alexis Sanchez would not want to end his career right away. While an offer to join the Kings League was ready from this summer transfer window, the Chilean clan refused the proposal according to Ibai Llanos, famous Spanish streamer and partner of Gerard Pique.

“The Alexis Sanchez option was rejected. They told me he is still in career. He is interested in the idea, but he has commitments with the Chilean selection and it is impossible while he is still active. Alexis made me understand that once his sports career is over, it is very likely that this could happen. Alexis Sanchez is a player I know well and he still has several years left in his particular entrusted the boss of the Porcinos FC team in the competition at the time of one of his streams on Twitch. Even if this news should please the supporters of Olympique de Marseille, it does not mean that the Chilean striker will extend with the Marseille club.

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