Terras de Compostela will bring local tastings to the Festeo-Feira da Terra Teense this Sunday

A previous tasting of products from the region with Terras

He GDR19 Terras de Compostela Association will be present at the earth fair which will be celebrated, together with I celebrate, this Sunday at the carballeira teense de Francos throughout the day. And he will attend to disseminate the cooperation project Smart landscapes with the groups GDR Ribeira Sacra-Courel, Costa da Morte, Deloa and also Asdecomorincluding tastings by Iago Álvarez to publicize local products.

With this performance, if you intend to dignify the Labrador producers, value local and proximity products; raise awareness for encourage consumption of local foods and agroecological; boost local markets from area o mobilize land and implement crops and traditional varieties.

In the carballeira too there will be craft stalls, more grocery stores and workshops from 11:30 am. Starting at 4:40 p.m., local groups will perform, and a demonstration of model airplanes, basketball, archery, judo or karate will take place. The event will close the concert of Sés.

2023-06-10 04:08:18
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