Tennis. Roland-Garros – Henri Leconte: “The FFT must question itself”

French tennis is going through a Roland-Garros 2023 very sad. Not a representative in the third round of the ladies’ and men’s singles tables, no Franco-French pair in the quarters of the doubles tables… The results are calamitous. Before arguing the Legends Trophy, Henri Leconte, former finalist of Roland-Garrosspoke at the microphone of Tennis Act. Always very cash, the winner of the Davis Cup 1991 considers that a change is needed in the working methods of the FFT and “start from scratch”.

Video – Henri Leconte at the microphone of Tennis Actu at Roland-Garros

The Roland-Garros 2023 Men’s table click HERE

The Ladies table of Roland-Garros 2023 click HERE

“You have to start from a blank page and have super motivated people. We have to make certain decisions”

We are in a difficult period but we must rebuild. We have to make other decisions, motivate the players, the entourages. The FFT must also question itself to have a new generation which in a few years will be able to titillate the best and why not win Roland-Garros (…) We must stop the cronyism. What matters are the results. Some people have been there for a while with the same vision. You have to start from scratch and have super motivated people. We have to make some decisions.” he told our microphone. As a reminder, Bernard Giudicelli had mentioned the tricolor failure and targeted the FFT at the microphone of Tennis Act Sunday.

Bernard Giudicelli at the microphone of Tennis Actu Sunday

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