Tamberi attacks the Federation: “I wasn’t invited to Florence, maybe I wasn’t welcome”. Mei: “Fall of style”

Tamberi attacks the Federation: “I wasn’t invited to Florence, maybe I wasn’t welcome”.  Mei: “Fall of style”

The Italy of athletics celebrates a historic triumph in the European team championship Chorzow. Ma has a bank controversy triggered by the words of Gianmarco Tamberi after his victory in the high jump. The case And exploded just as the blue expedition was preparing to celebrate its first ever success in the event, which took the place of the old and prestigious European Cup. The Olympic champion didn’t mince words to describe his state of mind after the Golden Gala Of Firenze, in which he did not participate. “I’m not even been invited at the Golden Gala and I was sorry for that. Maybe my presence it was not welcome and in the end I felt like not going anyway,” said the blue. A direct attack on Italian Athletics Federationorganizer of the Tuscan stage of the Diamond League. “An out of place controversy, one style drop“, replied the number one of Fidal, Stefano Meiwithout hiding his disappointment.

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“We are not here to quibble, I would have loved to be present and in the end I’m not not even been invited. The reasons I didn’t compete are multiple, but they didn’t even invite me. In any case, I couldn’t help but come here, I did it for the kids and for Italy. I am proud to be in such a strong team,” explained Tamberi. Mei’s reaction was very harsh: “Gimbo proves to be out of place with this controversy in such a moment on a day like this, after nine months That don’t jump and after that you win an amazing race. It’s the last thing to talk about,” said Mei, underlining that on the occasion of the Golden Gala “there was a negotiation with the organization that it didn’t go well and did not come to jump. Now, whether he’s getting into whose line he wasn’t invited…“. And again: “Ha soiled a bit of a wonderful victory”.

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Tamberi, to debut seasonalhas established itself with the measure of 2.29 obtained on the first attempt. But now the Federation will have to mend the rift with the Olympic champion. As Mei himself explained, behind the lack of presence in Florence of the blue captain there would be an economic negotiation that ended badly: according to the Corriere della SeraTamberi would have been offered half of the money offered to Marcell Jacobs, which he then had to give up due to injury. However, the jumper made it clear that he would have appreciated an invitation as a guest anyway, which never arrived. “We sent many athletes with whom the negotiation was not successful anyway an invitation email a view the races in Florence, not to Gimbo, I confirm it and I take responsibility for it ”, confirmed Mei himself. Another fall in style?

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