Support for the boycott of the LGBTQ movement | Anthony Bass: It’s over with the Blue Jays

(Toronto) Reliever Anthony Bass has been designated for reassignment by the Toronto Blue Jays.

Updated yesterday at 3:41 p.m.

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This is the latest development in a controversy that began last week, when Bass shared his support for boycotting the LGBTQ movement on his social media.

Bass, who apologized for posting the item on his social media, was to receive the ceremonial pitch from LGBTQ rights activist LeZlie Lee Kam on Friday night, the first game of Pride Weekend .

The decision to include Bass in this ceremony has received some criticism on social networks.

On the mound, Bass had no decision and a 4.95 ERA in 22 appearances so far.

The Jays recalled right-hander Mitch White to take his place in the roster.

Bass had forwarded a now-deleted video encouraging people to boycott Target and Bud Light because of their support for the LGBTQ community.

The right-hander, who was booed by Jays fans in his first outing following the comment and his apology, said Thursday he was feeling better after meeting with Pride Toronto general manager Sherwin Modeste. at the Rogers Center.

He previously said he doesn’t believe the video, which said selling Pride merchandise was “evil” and “evil”, was intended to be hateful.

He later realized that people might see the situation differently and that’s why he apologized.

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