so sweet Cecilia knocks out her adversaries

As delicate in playing the violin, as fury on the tatami: Cecilia Di Laora, multiple Pankration champion of Saviano’s Eagles club, she never ceases to amaze. And win titles. The last four, in chronological order, which fill a showcase full of trophies, are the Italian ones in the Athlima-combat and polidamas-demonstrative style; Demonstration palesmata e Ju Jitsu style fighting system.

At the tricolor championships of Pankration Fijilkam (Italian Federation of Judo Fight Karate Martial Arts) the athlete from Saviano knocks everyone out again by knocking out men and women. From Brindisi, where the second was held Italian championship of Pancrazio/Pankration in fact, Cecilia Di Laora takes home three titles, because in addition to the two singles, paired with Ferdinando Simonetti and with the kimono of the same company Imperial Eagles of Saviano, she also wins the tricolor Palesmata style demonstration. A championship that saw 120 athletes competing from 20 different clubs, who competed in the Palesmata, Polydamas and Athlima sectors, divided into the various age groups (U13, U15, U17, U20 and U40/senior) and categories of weight. She fights in the Under 20 +70 weight category. And she makes a handful of titles, in fact. But even before Brindisi, in Ostia, you conquered the absolute tricolor title of ju jitsu fighting system style. Here she technically knocked out all of her opponents in the +70 category before the regular time. On the Roman tatami she unleashed queen blows for strength, dexterity and technique.

But who is Cecilia Di Laora? The father Gennaro, marshal of the carabinieri at the investigative nucleus of Castello di Cisterna, as a coach, Cecilia is one step away from the three-year degree at the Naples Conservatory in violin. Very delicate hands on the instrument, more than heavy in the fights. The young woman from Saviano now has no more opponents in her category in both Judo and Ju Jitsu. A rich bulletin board, overflowing with titles despite the young age: European champion Wpaf fighting styles Agon and Kato, demonstrative Polidamas mix and female palesmata in Greece in 2021 which confirms the same title conquered in 2019 in Romania. The year before, however, she returned from Russia with the world champion medal around her neck for the Agon and Kato fighting styles. But Di Laora also holds the title of Italian Pankration Champion when she still competed for the Italian Pankration Federation.

And to say that as a child Cecilia she found herself having to choose between dance or judo. Disciplines that he also practiced for a short time both. Then he chose judo, perhaps precisely because his idol was his father Gennaro, already titled champion of the specialties. Winning choice because Cecilia even surpassed the master-father becoming Pankration world champion. Strength and technique the result of sacrifices that still today force her to a life all school and gym. Intense days lived between musical instruments and tatami. She will soon be completing her three-year degree at the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory and while she caresses and vibrates the strings of the violin, with the same hands she knocks out opponents like bowling pins.

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