Sergeant Martínez gets two medals in the Military Judo Championship

Sergeant Martínez has once again shown that he is one of the best military judokas in our country. The sergeant, assigned to the Ramix 30, has won a silver medal in the individual category and a gold medal for teams in Seville, home of the National Military Judo Championship.

Within the category of less than 81 kilos, Martínez has once again managed to get on the podium, in this case on two occasions with a silver medal in the individual category and a gold medal in the team category, as highlighted by the General Command of Ceuta on his Twitter account.

The 46th National Military Judo Championship is included in the calendar of Military sports competitions of the Superior Council of Military Sports for the year 2023. Its organization corresponds this year, by delegation of that Council, to the Central Board of Physical Education and Sports of the Guard Civil.

The delegations of the Royal Guard, Army, Air Force, Civil Guard, Military Emergency Unit, Central Organ and the Navy have had the right to participate in this championship.

2023-06-10 07:32:44
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