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Valencia have saved themselves from relegation, but they haven’t saved themselves from Peter Lim. The Second Division danger is over. At least this season. The bad thing is that the threat continues. And so it will be as long as the largest shareholder remains at the head of the club’s management. Either Meriton Holdings equips the club with a strong sporting structure with proven football professionals and builds a serious competitive project or it will be condemning the current manager and his players to the ordeal of fighting for tenure again in twelve months’ time . The very history of Valencia is a sign. The team was saved, on the last day, in 1983, with that legendary goal by Miguel Tendillo, but was relegated three years later, in 1986. Neither the shield, nor Mestalla, nor their fans deserve another nightmare like this season 22/23 for oblivion. The survival of the club is at stake. Not one more, Peter.

Malgrat Lim

Peter Lim has pushed Valencia so hard that any mistake in the planning for the next season will mean a lot of suffering. The same or more than this year. Expectations are not hopeful with Meriton at the helm of the entity. The precarious economic situation will force the club to prioritize the sale of assets, a common practice in recent summers, with the risk of systematically weakening the squad. Signing and doing well will be important, because, in addition to Toni Lato, there are six footballers whose transfer ends on June 30: Justin Kluivert, Samu Lino, Nico González, Cenk Özkacar and Ilaix Moriba.

Malgrat Lim

The first decision is the choice of coach. Valencia de Valencia is determined to bet on the continuity of Rubén Baraja at the head of the bench, but Peter Lim has the last word. He will do what he wants. As always. The coach, who only signed until June 30, 2023, fulfilled his goal of salvation on the last day. In favor of the man from Vallisole, his decision-making, his knowledge of the club and the current squad, his chemistry with Mestalla and, of course, his commitment to the squad. Javi Guerra, Diego López and Alberto Marí invite hope, but you need to surround them with experience and craft. Peter Lim decides.

What has happened this year should be used for there to be a reaction from Singapore. The team has finally finished the League in sixteenth position, two points from relegation and become the fifth worst team in the championship. Only Elche, Espanyol, Valladolid and Almeria were worse. Captain José Luis Gayà apologized at the end of the game for the “unfortunate” season and issued a warning: “I hope it serves for the following years, we played with fire.”

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