Santa Fe vs. University: ‘red’ victory for Sudamericana and is still alive

The ‘Cardinals’ played the game that looked like a final and kept the three units that allow them to dream of advancing to the next round of the tournament.

Those led by Robinson ‘Rufay’ Zapata, the coach in charge of the game for the expulsion of Gerardo Bedoya, had no other option than to win the 3 points to fight on the last date for a ticket to the second round of the championship.

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Although in the previous one there was tension in the concentration of the capital team, since a group of fans protested outside the hotel for the bad results of the club in recent months, at the end of the 90 minutes they were able to celebrate a victory that tastes like glory.

Santa Fe, who entered this game against the Peruvian team with 6 important casualties, scored his two goals through Hugo Rodallega, in the first half, and Neider Moreno, finishing the second stage.

With this important victory, Santa Fe remains in third place in the zone, with 7 units, the same as the Peruvian team, but the Colombian club loses the position due to goals scored. Goiás is the leader and has 9 points.

Santa Fe has a great opportunity to win at home against Goiás and get a direct ticket to the next round. In case of advancing as second, they would face one of the teams that finished third in the Copa Libertadores groups.

Santa Fe vs. University, from Peru: free and LIVE:

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Full Time!

Santa Fe gets a great 2-0 victory against Universitario and is still alive in the South American.

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Minute 90+2: Santa Fe was saved

University was close to the discount.

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77th minute: Goooooool from Santa Fe!

Neider Moreno classily defined a one-on-one with the goalkeeper to make it 2-0.

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Minute 70: new substitution in Santa Fe

10:29 p.m ID: rdale

Minute 65: new change in the Peruvian team

10:25 p.m ID: pbuxg

Minute 65: the referee does not award the penalty

Although there was a hand in the area, the VAR did not order the action.

10:23 p.m ID: hecca

Minute 63: the central judge is going to review an action to the VAR

A hand in the area could be a penalty in favor of Santa Fe.

10:21 p.m ID: zuzlm

Minute 61: Rodallega had the second!

The visiting goalkeeper flew in to take out the striker’s shot.

10:18 p.m ID: yjiyi

Minute 59: goal disallowed against Santa Fe

The referee leaned on the VAR and annulled a goal from Rojas that could have made it 2-0.

10:10 p.m ID: iijxd

Minute 51: yellow card for Universitario

Ankajima took the card for a foul in the middle of the field.

10:06 p.m ID: raeoi

Second change in University

10:05 p.m ID: kpnmt

First change in Santa Fe

10:03 p.m ID: bropt

The second half started!

Santa Fe, to maintain the advantage against Universitario.

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End of the first stage!

Santa Fe goes to the showers winning Universitario by the slightest difference.

9:48 p.m ID: jlvfk

Minute 45+2: Santa Fe was saved

The goalkeeper Espitia came to nothing and almost caused the tie for the Peruvians.

9:37 p.m ID: qxfzc

Minute 37: yellow in Santa Fe

Harold Rivera took the warning.

9:33 p.m ID: dmiun

This is how Santa Fe celebrates Rodallega’s goal on networks

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Minute 27: Gooooool from Santa Fe!

Rodallega finished off crossed on goal and the goalkeeper did not arrive. The ‘Cardinals’ win 1-0.

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Minute 21: first change in Universitario

9:19 p.m ID: cpxfz

Minute 18: VAR saved Santa Fe

Universitario players requested a red card for Marlon Torres, for an alleged assault.

9:12 p.m ID: vaauz

Minute 12: expelled in Universitario

Nelson Cabanillas, marked with the number 27, hit Wilfrido de la Rosa in the face.

9:08 p.m ID: yyplf

Hugo Rodallega took it away.

9:05 p.m ID: dojsl

Minute 4: Goal annulled to Universitario

The VAR saw the hand of the attacker of the Peruvian team.

9:00 p.m ID: kzexh

The freckled girl shot in El Campín

Santa Fe and Universitario are already playing for the Copa Sudamericana.

8:39 p.m ID: jpsoc

These are the 11 of University

8:38 p.m ID: hbgov

This is how Independiente Santa Fe will form

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