Santa Fe fans attack those of Universitario

South American Cup

Before the game for Sudamericana, they broke the windows of the bus where the Peruvians were going.

Santa Fe fans attacked University bus
Photo: Screenshot


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June 08, 2023, 08:05 p.m. m.

Violence before the Copa Sudamericana game between Santa Fe and Universitario de Perú. The fans of the visiting cast arrived in Bogotá and from the club’s concentration hotel, near the Corferias sector, they left for the El Campín stadium.

Unfortunately, during the journey to the sports arena, Santa Fe fans attacked the bus where some of the Universitario fans were. The bus was caught on stone, before reaching the stadium, where the windows on both sides ended up broken.


South American Cup

The images began to make the rounds on social networks, where citizens passing through Carrera 30 recorded and denounced the incident. Despite the fact that they were escorted, the bus had to deviate a few blocks to the north, to then make the respective entrance to the El Campín stadium.

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